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2022 Area Meeting Presentation

The Area Meeting in September provided a virtual forum for the membership to come together and share information and discuss the importance of interscholastic sports and the issues and challenges the membership encounters in sustaining this democratic organization governed by the schools themselves.

The strength of any governing body is the participation and engagement of its members. The Area Meeting discussions are what set the agenda for the coming year. They determine what rules and policies are reviewed by the Board of Control throughout the year and those Constitutional issues that may potentially be brought to the membership for a vote at the Annual Meeting next spring.

The 2022 Area Meetings will be held at the sites and dates listed below in chronological order:

Area Meeting Dates & Locations
District 4:  Monday, Sept. 12 - Fox Valley Lutheran High School
District 7:  Tuesday, Sept. 13 - Greenfield High School 
District 3:  Wednesday, Sept. 14 - Mauston High School
District 6:  Monday, Sept. 19 - Oconomowoc High School
District 1:  Tuesday, Sept. 20 - Rice Lake High School
District 2:  Wednesday, Sept. 21 - Antigo High School
District 5:  Monday, Sept. 26 - Mount Horeb High School

It is strongly encouraged that ALL member schools attend at least one meeting. Members may attend a meeting at any of the sites, and it is not essential that schools attend the meeting in their elector district. Beverages will be available at 8:30 a.m., and the meetings will convene at 9 a.m. Meeting materials will be distributed at the meetings.