Non-School Competitions


I'd like to speak at the open forum tomorrow to reiterate the importance of the Board of Control's future decision on non-school competitions during the tournament series for the Spring of 2021.  With the Board's decision to move the Spring season dates, baseball and softball in particular will suffer participation losses to travel teams if the Board of Control does not allow student athletes to utilize their two events of non-school competition through the WIAA tournament series. 


While it may seem insignificant in it only being one season, many of us close to the travel ball scene know that this could lead to a strong push from travel organizations attempting to lure more and more students away from their high school teams all together moving forward in future years, so for this one season only, the Board of Control truly needs to allow those two non-school events to carry through into the Tournament series.

 Scott Holler, CMAA

Athletic/Activities Director

Oak Creek High School




Soccer coach comment: Juniors and seniors who play club ball which is a spring sport for boys soccer, are going to be forced to choose between an abbreviated high school season or playing club ball. This is a problem because as it stands, there can be two matches of overlap.  Spring is the time when college coaches scout the big tournaments and as a result, if my guys choose to play high school, they will miss out.  If we have that prohibition waived this spring, they can play in their big tournaments, play their shortened high school season, and salvage a crappy year.  


On the other hand, in the event that is not waived, I am going to advise that my college-likely club players play club and forego the spring high school season as it is in their best interests. I am hopeful we can make a one-year exception on this as the circumstances that precipitated this move are not under their control. As their coach and mentor, this would be the best solution given the circumstances and giving them maximum latitude to make the best decision in their own behalf.  

Adam King 

Activities Director 

Racine Case High School 




Was there going to be more discussion on non-school contests for the alternate fall season. I know my coach has expressed some concern with the alternate volleyball season running into the volleyball club season.  

Justin Crandall

Athletic Director

Whitewater High School




2020/2021 Amendments


I have two amendments that were to be brought forward to the Annual Meeting last year by petition.  I am assuming they will be placed on the agenda for 2021.  Both of these amendments dealt with how the Board of Control passes sport rule changes.


I simply want to make it clear at the Area Meetings that as people consider these amendments this year, that they are in no way crafted to try to limit the powers of the Board of Control. I personally think they have done a fabulous job making decisions through all the COVID situations.  The intent of the amendments is to reign in the Coaches Committees and to give the AD's an ability to give more input before something gets all the way to the Board of Control.

Jason Block, CAA 
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Racine Lutheran High School





Is it possible to separate 8-man football into a Large and Small Division based on size and having two divisions of playoff? 

Jared Gosse, MS 

Athletic Director

Northeastern Wisconsin  Lutheran



Please provide a update on the state football tournament planning. Rumor is 3 dates of playoffs to make 8 team brackets could be on the table?

Quarterfinals = Friday Nov 13th

Semifinals = Friday Nov 20th

Championship = Monday Nov 30th

Ryan McMillen

Athletic & Activities Director
Muskego High School


It is clear we do not have to start football around the August 1st date to have a season.  Starting so early is a deterrent to players and coaches.  The early start date needs to change. 

Dave Jueds

Athletic Director




Counting Contact Days


Are we counting the new contact days as we always have?  For example, we have two cohort groups (M-R and T-F, no in-person on Wednesdays), and activities can only be done in cohort groups. In order to get to everyone on a prospective team, you need two days to accomplish what would have been done in one contact day.

Jeff Byczek

Athletics Director

De Pere High School



Volleyball Tournaments


I know a survey was sent out about volleyball state tournament and the choices we have as a district.  My concern is, along with our administrators, are the expectation of limited fans, safety protocols, etc... to be followed by the regional and sectional tournaments as well?  That will play into how we vote. 

Randy Gabel

Athletic Director

Barneveld School District







Breaking WIAA News


Is there is a way to not have the media break news of pertinent motions or decisions on social media prior to the WIAA's official release of the information to ADs. That would be a huge help locally.


For example, our team learned of the cancellation of the girls state basketball tournament in their hotel rooms on Twitter; on Friday, I had coaches asking about contact days before I could even read detailed information on the motion to answer inquiries.  

Melissa Gehring

Athletics Director

Beaver Dam




Has there been any discussion about continuing to stream the board of control meetings?  It was nice having those streamed during the summer meetings.  I hate having to reply on tweets from media for in meeting updates.  

Justin Crandall

Athletic Director

Whitewater High School



Alternate Season


Alternate Season.

Trent Probst
Assistant Principal/Activities Director
School District of Somerset



Co-op Rules


We would like the WIAA Executive Staff to address the inequity of application of co-op rules across individual sports. Specifically, if a co-op rule is instituted or adjusted, we believe that it should be added to the general Bylaws that govern all sports and approved by the membership. This would create equity across all sports and genders. Current practice includes inserting co-op restrictions to tournament procedures, which restricts the access and participation of that specific sport and/or gender of athlete. It is in the best interest of the membership to develop and implement fair and equal cooperative team guidelines. 

Jordan Hein

Director of Athletics and Activities

Franklin High School




Winter Sports Starting Date

Any discussion of moving winter sports start date to Jan. 1?

Sue Meffert

Athletics Director

Lodi High School



Winter Sport Guidelines


When will the specific recommendations for winter and spring sports come out?  Hoping to have some similar to what was sent out for the fall sports.

Sue Meffert

Athletics Director

Lodi High School



Spring Season – Revised Schedule

Is there any way to keep the WIAA Baseball State Tournament at Appleton on the dates it was originally scheduled instead of extending the Spring Baseball Season to the end of June. I have talked to a number of coaches and they would much rather have a shortened season and regular WIAA tournament series instead of a season that runs to the end of June. Concerns are kids would opt for summer baseball, family vacations, and other sports camps. The Spring season was eliminated last year so it sure would be nice to have a regular and normal tournament series this year if possible.

Curt Thompson

Athletic Director