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Rules & Regulations


Girls Tennis Season Regulations

Adaptations to USTA Rules

  • The conference (for conference matches) or host school (for nonconference matches) will determine type of play, number on a team, players participating in both singles and doubles, the tie-breaker procedure to be used, the system of scoring to be used, etc.
  • All players must wear appropriate clothing during warm-ups and competition. Manufacturer’s small names or logos on warmup or competition clothing are not a violation if they do not exceed 2" x 3" (excluding shoes, socks, and racquet). Two manufacturer’s logo/trademark is allowed on each piece of attire. Team shirts/shorts/hats may not reference another sport (e.g., football, soccer, etc.) other than tennis in the player’s school. University and professional names and logos are not allowed on warm-up or competition apparel. Hats are allowed if they refer to a team’s school name, nickname, mascot, or do not exceed the 2" x 3" manufacturer logo restriction. Plain hats are acceptable. A player detected wearing illegal clothing during a match (any time after first serve by either player) will without warning:
    • Be penalized, at the time of detection, one game at the conclusion of the game in progress. 
    • Must replace the illegal clothing before resuming play. (Turning the clothing inside out is not acceptable.) 
    • Be penalized under point penalty system for undue delay in replacing such uniforms. 
    • A second offense will be penalized by loss of the set in progress, and a third offense will be penalized by loss of match in progress. 
    • Penalties are cumulative throughout dual or multiple school events. 
    • Enforcement of this rule is the responsibility of the host school. 
    • Under severe weather conditions appropriate adjustments can and should be allowed, (i.e., illegal sweatshirts may be turned inside out). Illegal hats may never be worn. 
    • Nonvarsity teams shall be allowed to wear old varsity uniforms which are now unapproved provided participant safety is not jeopardized
  • No coaching which interferes with continuous play will be allowed. (Continuous play starts with the warm-up.) 
    • Coaching will be allowed during any changeover (Except the first of a set) for a maximum of ninety (90) seconds beginning with completion of the last point.  First offense - warning, second and subsequent offenses - point penalty. 
    • Between the first and second sets with a maximum time limit of two minutes and with the understanding that the player(s) remains on the court.
    • Between the second and third sets (when applicable) during the ten minute rest period.
    • Note: The number of coaches per school is limited to two people. The head coach and assistant must be under contract with the school as tennis coaches. Improper use of the coaching privilege could result in dismissal of those coaching privileges and/or disqualification of the player. Parents are not allowed to coach while players are on the court. 
    • Non-varsity players while playing in a non-varsity competition may accept verbal and hand signal advice from their school's designated coach only. The designated coach is allowed on the court as identified by current rules
  • Court Conduct - The sequence of penalties for misconduct shall be point, game, and default. Penalties will NOT carryover from subsectionals to sectional competition
    • A doubles team is considered and penalized as a unit on the same basis as an individual. 
    • It is the responsibility of the tournament manager to enforce misconduct regulations.
      • It is recommended that the tournament manager secure whatever assistance is necessary to enforce the regulations.
      • It is recommended that coaches enforce appropriate penalties on their own players.
      • All penalties are to be reported to the tournament manager. 
      • It is the tournament manager’s responsibility to keep track of penalty progression
  • Foot Faults – A player or their coach must issue two warnings to their opponent prior to a foot fault being called. After two warnings, play may be stopped to request an umpire. If an umpire is not available, it is the responsibility of the host school to provide a competent foot fault judge for the remainder of that match. If an umpire or competent judge is available, all subsequent foot faults must be called on both players by that individual. If a competent foot fault judge is not available, the player may call obvious foot faults on their opponent.
  • If a player is unable to compete (withdraws, retires, defaults, walks over, or disqualifies herself/himself) from a match during the regular season, the player/team records a loss on the season record for that match. During WIAA tournament play, the player may not return to play that day. If match is in progress, the score shall stand, and additional sets not yet played will be scored 2-0; for a match not yet begun 2-0, 2-0.
  • Rest periods offered shall be one hour for singles players and 30 minutes for doubles teams between all matches regardless of play format. Two hours of rest must be offered to singles players between matches where the two-out-of three set format is used outdoors.  Indoor singles matches where the two-out-of three set format is used also require a two-hour recovery period is offered when a match lasts longer than 120 minutes.