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The structure of governance embraced by the WIAA extends the interests of its members to the local level. Because it is the membership--all 500+ high schools--that develops and applies the rules, attempts to contact someone with concerns or questions regarding the member’s rules and interpretations should first be directed to local school administration.

WIAA Contacts

When You Call The Office
(715) 344-8580

Annual Meeting and Area Meetings  Stephanie Hauser  1168
Athletic Directors/WADA Liaison  Tom Shafranski  1175
Award of Excellence  Todd Clark  1180
Baseball  Mel Dow  1177
Basketball  Kate Peterson Abiad  1178
Board of Control and Advisory Council  Stephanie Hauser  1168
Bulletin  Todd Clark  1180
Cheer and Spirit Groups  Stephanie Hauser  1168
Coach-Athlete Contact  Mel Dow  1177
Coaches Advisory  Kate Peterson Abiad  1178
Coaches Education and Conduct  Kate Peterson Abiad  1178
Conference Alignment  Melissa Gehring  1184
Conference Commissioners  Melissa Gehring  1184
Contractual Interpretations  Stephanie Hauser/Todd Clark  1168/1180
Cooperative Teams  Sheila Schulfer  1166
Cross Country  Mel Dow  1177
Eligibility  Mel Dow  1177
Football  Tom Shafranski  1175
Foreign Students  Mel Dow  1177
Golf  Tom Shafranski  1175
Gymnastics  Melissa Gehring  1184
Hockey  LeVar Ridgeway  1172
Human Resources & Business Services  Kassie Mortimer  1167
Junior High/Middle Level Regulations  LeVar Ridgeway  1172
Legal Issues  Stephanie Hauser/Mel Dow  1168/1177
Legislative   Stephanie Hauser  1168
Licensing and Merchandising  Todd Clark/Megan Loken  1180/1182
Media and Credentialing  Todd Clark  1180
Officials Resources and Conduct  Kate Peterson Abiad  1178
Officials Advisory  Kate Peterson Abiad  1178
Officials Licensing  Haley Barth  1185
Public Relations  Todd Clark  1180
Publications  Todd Clark  1180
Records and Statistics  Todd Clark  1180
Sanction Requests  Mel Dow  1177
Scholar Athlete  Tom Shafranski  1175
School Enrollments  Kassie Mortimer  1167
Soccer  LeVar Ridgeway  1172
Social Media  Megan Loken  1182
Softball  LeVar Ridgeway  1172
Spirit of Sport and other NFHS Awards  Melissa Gehring  1184
Sponsorships  Todd Clark/LeVar Ridgeway  1180/1172
Sports Advisory  Melissa Gehring  1184
School Directory  Bobby Blom  1183
Sports Medicine  Mel Dow  1177
Sportsmanship  Todd Clark  1180
Swimming and Diving  Tom Shafranski  1175
Tennis  Kate Peterson Abiad  1178
Tournament Finances  Kassie Mortimer  1167
Tournament Ticketing  Kassie Mortimer  1167
Track and Field  Melissa Gehring  1184
Volleyball  Melissa Gehring  1184
Website Technical Support  Bobby Blom  1183
Wrestling  Mel Dow  1177
7% Committee  Mel Dow  1177
Other WIAA Policy Matters Not Listed Above  Stephanie Hauser  1168