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The structure of governance embraced by the WIAA extends the interests of its members to the local level. Because it is the membership--all 500+ high schools--that develops and applies the rules, attempts to contact someone with concerns or questions regarding the member’s rules and interpretations should first be directed to local school administration.

WIAA Contacts


When You Call The Office
(715) 344-8580

Administrators and coaches at WIAA schools, game officials and others may find this listing of personnel and responsibilities useful as they contact the WIAA office about a problem or question.

Athletic Directors Workshops | Tom Shafranski
Baseball | Mel Dow
Basketball | Kate Peterson Abiad
Board of Control Decisions | Stephanie Hauser
Bulletin Matters | Todd Clark
Cheer, Spirit Groups, etc. | Stephanie Hauser
Coach-Athlete Contact/Camps/Out-Of-Season | Mel Dow
Coaches Not Licensed As Teachers | Kate Peterson Abiad
Coaches Education Training Courses | Kate Peterson Abiad
Conference Alignment | Stephanie Hauser
Conference Commissioners | Stephanie Hauser
Contractual Interpretations | Stephanie Hauser
Cooperative Teams | Sheila Schulfer
Cross Country | LeVar Ridgeway
Eligibility | Mel Dow
Football | Tom Shafranski
Foreign Students | Mel Dow
Golf | Tom Shafranski
Gymnastics | Tom Shafranski
Human Resources | Kassie Mortimer
Hockey | LeVar Ridgeway
Junior High/Middle Level Regulations | LeVar Ridgeway
Legal Issues | Stephanie Hauser
Licensing and Merchandising | Todd Clark
Media Inquiries | Todd Clark
Officials | Kate Peterson Abiad
Public Relations and Publicity | Todd Clark
Publications | Todd Clark
Radio-TV Matters | Todd Clark
Sanction Requests | Mel Dow
Scholar Athlete | Tom Shafranski
Soccer | LeVar Ridgeway
Social Media | Megan Loken
Softball | LeVar Ridgeway
Sponsorships & Partnerships | Todd Clark
Sports Advisory | LeVar Ridgeway
Sports Medicine | Stephanie Hauser
Sportsmanship | Todd Clark
Swimming and Diving | Tom Shafranski
Tennis | Mel Dow
Tournament Finances | Kassie Mortimer
Tournament Ticketing | Kassie Mortimer
Track and Field | Kate Peterson Abiad
Volleyball | Kate Peterson Abiad
Website | Eric Dziak
WIAA Policy Matters Not Listed | Stephanie Hauser
Wrestling | Mel Dow
7% Committee | Mel Dow

There are occasions relative to specific items when you may want to talk directly with secretarial-clerical-bookkeeping members of the staff or the business office rather than a member of the administrative staff. It would be assumed that in such cases the caller would ask the receptionist to refer him or her to the appropriate person. Situations involved would be information on paying dues, ordering rule books or supplies (forms), and questions about officials’ licensing procedures and materials, etc.