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Rules and Regulations

2020-2022 NFHS Rules Changes

Girls Gymnastics Rules Changes 2020-2022

By nfhs on May 28, 2020 


2020-22 Girls Gymnastics Rules Changes

3-3-1 — Clarifies the proper uniform.

5-1-5, 5-1-6b — Permits state associations to adopt their own inquiry procedures.

5-1-6— Standardizes the deduction for competing out of order.

6-1-1— Specifies that tape, chalk or other substances may not be used on the Vault Table.

6-1-2— Specifies the procedure for securing the top landing mat.

6-1-4 — Specifies that chalk may not be used on the runway and adds maximum length of tape.

6-2-6c(2) — Specifies that the safety zone must be present around the front and sides of the board and eliminates the requirement of a coach being present for a round-off entry/Yurchenko vault.

6-4-2a — Specifies a deduction for a vault that does not pass through the vertical.

7-3-3— Eliminates redundant language and streamlines the composition category for ease of use.

7-3-4c(8) NOTES — Standardizes the deduction for extra swings.

8-2-1 — Standardizes the fall time.

8-3-3 — Eliminates redundant language and streamlines the composition category for ease of use.


9-3-3— Eliminates redundant language and streamlines the composition category for ease of use.


2020-22 Girls Gymnastics Editorial Changes

4-1-2e NOTE 4, 7-4a-e, 7-6-7, 8-3-5 NOTE 4


2020-22 Girls Gymnastics Element Changes

7-6-1 (Box 1.104c), 7-6-5 (Box 5.101), 7-6-8 (Box 8.402), 7-6-8 (Box 8.201 and Box 8.203),

7-6-9 (Box 9.205, 9.305a, 9.305b, 9.405a, 9.405b, 9.405c, 9.306a, 9.406a), 8-6-2 (Box 2.109),

8-6-3 (Box 3.302), 9-6-1 (Box 1.109, 1.409c), 9-6-10 (Box 10.402)


Points of Emphasis

  1. Awarding Credit
  2. Composition
  3. Event Requirements on Floor
  4. Seven Ways to Break a Series



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Public-Address Announcers Guidelines

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WI Adaptations to NFHS Rules


WIAA Adaptations to NFHS Rules - Please print and place in your rules book for reference.



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COVID-CLEANING OF EQUIPMENT - We wanted to share some documents USA gymnastic has recently uploaded to their website from manufacturers about cleaning equipment in the sport of gymnastics. The NFHS still recommends that you contact specific equipment manufacturers for specifics on proper cleaning protocols for their equipment, but below are from two different manufacturers. Additionally, you should follow their instructions directly as applying disinfectant chemicals improperly may have unintended results and place the gymnast at risk of injury.

1.  Spieth equipment:
2.  AAI Equipment:
     a.  Cleaning tips:
     b.  Vinyl Mats and shapes:\
     c.  Suede Beams and Vaults :