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Rules & Regulations


Rules and Regulations

2024-25 NFHS Rule Changes

Official's Uniform (WI) Reference

Hosting a Pink Event


BALL: May be pink & white or pink, white, and another color. No waiver necessary. Ball must have NFHS authenticating mark.

UNIFORM:    Since volleyball does not have home and away uniforms, either or both teams may wear pink. Uniforms must meet NFHS requirements (Rule 4-2) including legally positioned numbers (Rule 4-2-4).        No advertising or slogans are allowed on the uniform. "Dig Pink" or other trademark phrases are not allowed since they are considered advertising. Additionally, the WIAA has a "clean jersey" policy, and therefore the pink ribbon symbol is not allowed on the jersey.

If the uniform tops are t-shirts which have been donated, the athletes must either pay for them or return them to the school when the event is finished. Failure to follow this requirement jeopardizes the amateur status of the athletes.

SOCKS, SHOES, AND WRISTBANDS: Are not covered by NFHS/WIAA rules so may be pink.

HAIR CONTROL DEVICES: Provided they adhere to Rule 4-1-5, may be pink.

FUND RAISING: From the Eligibility Page FAQ:  I am a high school girls basketball coach. Our girls basketball team would like to hold a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society this coming season and I just want to check that how we plan on doing it will not violate any WIAA rules. Here's our plan, our fundraiser will be based on how many free throws the girls varsity team makes during the season. Each player will solicit funds or donations based on the free throw made. People could donate a lump some or could donate X amount per free throw made. As an example last year we made 205 free throws, if you pledged a dollar per free throw, you would be donating $205 at year end for the team to donate to the American Cancer Society. No funds are kept by or for the team. 

Answer: While we appreciate the causes which our schools and athletes support, I recommend that you find a different method to raise funds. The WIAA Board of Control has made it clear that fundraisers connected to performance in competition are NOT allowed. Both from the sportsmanship perspective, as well as from the “paid to perform” and or gaming/gambling end of things, it is a not a good idea and not allowed. Your plan would be allowed in a practice setting.

OFFICIALS: May participate by using a pink whistle or wearing a pink wristband. Wearing a pink officiating uniform, shoes, or socks, would not be allowed.


Line Judge Duties and Responsibilities

Questions & Answers

2023 Season Questions

Question 1: Are the "barbell" type eyebrow piercings legal under the new rule (4-2-7)?

Answer: Eyebrow rings by definition are above the chin and are legal; the barbell shape is similar to two posts/studs and is legal as well.

Question 2: Is it legal for the players to wear spandex bottoms with repeating manufacturer's logos around the waistband?

Answer: Rule 4-2-1.f clearly states that the "manufacturer's logo/trademark/reference restrictions do not apply to the waistbands on uniform bottoms so this would be legal.

Question 3:  What volleyballs can we use during regular season matches and tournaments?

Answer: Rule 3-2-3 states any volleyball that includes the NFHS Authenticating mark can be used for competition.  The WIAA tournament series (sectional finals/state) will use the Girls – Molten IV58L-3-HS Super Touch (red-white-blue). Boys – Molten V58L-3-HS Pro Touch (red-white-blue).

Question 4: Can medical alert temporary tattoos be worn during competition?

Answer: Similar to how medical alert medals are not considered jewelry and and can be worn if taped down (Rule 4-2-7), medical alert tattoos will not be considered body paint and are permissible to be worn during competition. 

Question 5: Are dark (navy blue) and black contrasting colors?  Dark (forest green) and black?

Answer: These are not "sharply or clearly" contrasting colors and therefore should not be combined as team and libero jersey colors or primary jersey and number colors. (Rule 4-2-2 and Rule 4-2-4)

Question 6: Can coaches coach matches barefoot?

Answer: Although there is no specific mention to coaching footwear, Rule 4-2-6 states that players must "wear appropriate footwear."  In this instance, coaches should model and be held to the same standard as players on the competition floor.  Wearing shoes is required for entry into most venues for sanitary and safety purposes and is considered the professional standard.  

Question 7: Players are adding items to their shoes i.e. ribbons and beads.  Are these items legal?

Soft materials, like ribbons, would be permissible if they do not create a tripping hazard.  Hard materials, such as beads, are not permissible and are treated like non-compliant jewelry.

Question 8: Does the libero tracker need to be a person solely to that task or can he/she be doing another job at the table as well?

The libero tracker can be a person also doing another job (announcing, timing, etc.) as long as all tasks are being done in a satisfactory manner; this will vary based on the skill level of the person assigned.  Please remember the libero tracker is mandatory for each match.  

Question 9: Is the individual participation limit for players the same as the team maximum (15 events with no more than 7 multis)?

Yes, each individual player may also play in a total of 15 dates (excluding the WIAA tournament series) including up to 7 multis (tris, quads, tournaments).  During 3/5 set duals, an individual player can play up to 6 sets if playing on two different levels of competition.  

Question 10: The opposing team is late arriving for the first match of a tournament, which the host is unaware of them being late.  To keep everything on schedule we started the warmups on time, allowing the visiting team to only use the remaining time left for their warm-up (they arrived prior to the warm-up time being completed).  Is this correct?

In a regular season invitational/tournament the site manager should decide how to proceed. However, abbreviated warm ups or lack of warm up for a team can be a safety concern.  NFHS rule states that a complete team of at least six players needs to be present at the designated match time, in order to avoid a forfeit of the first set.  Then, according to the NFHS Case Book 1-5-4, a three minute interval is timed.  If a complete team is not ready to play after this interval, the second set is forfeited.  If a team head coach or captain is present, time outs can be taken prior to the set to buy an extra two minutes. In a tournament situation, where teams are playing two out of three, this means that the match is then forfeited.  So, essentially in this situation, the procedure of shortening the warm-up for the late-arriving team was correct if approved by host management. Should this situation had occurred for lower level matches prior to varsity, the site manager in discussion with the coaches, can decide to shorten lower level matches if necessary.  For WIAA tournament events, the above outlined NFHS procedure of forfeiture of sets should be followed with the entire match forfeited after the time allowed for a third set.

Question 11: Can the student spectators approach the floor after introductions to high five their team?

We do not condone this action from the students in the stands for safety reasons, however we acknowledge that it can and will happen spontaneously at times. Student spectators should never be allowed on the playing surface, even before the match starts.  If this is an organized action prior to the start of a regular season match, site managers should inform the officials when they enter the facility and have a plan for its safe execution. This should not and cannot occur during the WIAA tournament series matches.  

Question 12: Do ball shaggers need to comply with the new jewelry rule?

Yes, ball shaggers need to be properly/safely equipped.  This means they need to be wearing appropriate footwear and all jewelry must comply with the NFHS rules.


Questions and Answers from Previous Seasons

WI Adaptations to NFHS Rules

Wisconsin Adaptations to NFHS Rules -- Print and place in your rules book for reference.