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The WIAA has three video transmissions partners to watch live and archive State Tournament events online. Please review the options for each tournament. The streaming partner for pre-finals is oftentimes a different streaming partner for the finals in a number of State Tournaments.

WIAA.TV on the NFHS Network

The WIAA is a member of the NFHS Network. This online portal provides the platform for live State Tournament events, archived State Tournament events, and regular-season and pre-State Tournament events produced and streamed by member high schools that have joined the NFHS Network School Broadcast Program. The events streamed live on WIAA.TV are:

State Baseball – Quarterfinals & Semifinals
State Boys & Girls Golf – Both Rounds
State Gymnastics – Team & Individual 
State Boys & Girls Hockey - Semifinals
State Boys & Girls Soccer – Semifinals
State Softball – Quarterfinals & Semifinals
State Boys & Girls Swimming & Diving - Finals
State Boys & Girls Volleyball – Quarterfinals & Semifinals
State Boys & Girls Track & Field – Prelims & Finals
State Individual Wrestling – All Pre-Finals Rounds
State Team Wrestling – Quarterfinals, Semifinals & Final

If you experience any difficulties in streaming events on WIAA.TV, please contact the NFHS Network customer service at: [email protected]


Allen Media

Allen Media is the WIAA video transmission partner for the entire Boys and Girls State Basketball Tournaments and for the championship games of the State Boys and Girls Hockey Tournaments.  WXOW-TV | WQOW-TV | WAOW-TV | WKOW-TV

The events streamed live on the websites of Allen affiliate stations are:

State Boys & Girls Basketball - Semifinals & Finals
State Boys & Girls Hockey - Finals
State Baseball – Finals
State Football – Finals
State Boys & Girls Soccer – Finals
State Softball - Finals
State Boys and Girls Volleyball – Finals
State Individual Wrestling - Finals

WIAA.TV on the NFHS Network

WIAA.TV on the NFHS Network is a unique web portal featuring live and archived streams of WIAA State Tournament games and events, as well as other important WIAA events such as the Annual Meetings, Scholar-Athlete Ceremony and Media Conferences.

WIAA.TV is available to users at any time, streaming from smart TVs, computers, tablets, iPhones or Android devices.

By registering and subscribing to the NFHS Network, users can watch live streams of State Tournaments for just $11.99 per month. Nearly half of the subscription fee can be designated as a donation to the school of your choice. Users can watch archived State Tournament games with the monthly subscription by accessing the “On Demand” option on the WIAA.TV homepage.

The NFHS Network owns the video streaming rights to all WIAA pre-State Tournament Series events. Links to pre-State event streams are available on the WIAA home page or on the Web Stream Central page on the WIAA website. Many State Tournament events are also streamed on WIAA.TV.

NFHS Network School Broadcast Program

The NFHS Network School Broadcast Program (SBP) makes it easy for schools to produce live video broadcasts of their high school sporting events.

Schools on the NFHS Network SBP can video stream regular season events, as well as tournament athletic events, graduation, band, cheer events, as well as other school activities at no cost to the school. The WIAA waves the tournament video rights fees for those schools affiliated with the NFHS Network SBP.

The SBP allows both live streaming and archiving for on-demand viewing. Your school fans will be able to watch your events whenever they want, wherever they are. 

Another benefit for schools on the NFHS Network SBP includes providing a safe platform for students to learn about production and broadcast journalism, an opportunity to gain hands-on video production and on-camera experience.


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