Tournament Schedule & Results

2021 State Softball Tournament
JUNE 28-30
Goodman Diamond, Madison, Wis. 

Session 1
Division 1 Quarterfinals

Game-1:  #2 Seed vs. #7 Seed - 8 a.m. 
Game-2:  #3 Seed vs. #6 Seed - approx. 10 a.m.

Session 2
Division 1 Quarterfinals

Game-3:  #1 Seed vs. #8 Seed - Noon
Game-4:  #4 Seed vs. #5 Seed - approx. 2 p.m.

Session 3
Division 4 Semifinals

Game-1:  #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed - 4:30 p.m.
Game-2:  approx. 6:30 p.m. - #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed

Division 5 Semifinal
Game-1:  #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed - approx. 8:30 p.m.

Session 4
Division 5 Semifina
Game-2:  #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed -  8 a.m.

Division 3 Semifinals
Game-1:  #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed - approx. 10 a.m.
Game-2:  #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed - approx. noon

Session 5
Division 2 Semifinals

Game-1:  #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed - 2:30 p.m.
Game-2:  #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed.- approx. 4:30 p.m. -

Session 6 
Division 1 Semifinals

Game-5:  Winner of Game #1 vs. Winner of Game #2 - 7 p.m.
Game-6:  Winner of Game #3 vs. Winner of Game #4 - approx. 9 p.m.

Session 7
Game-3:  Division 5 Championship - 8 a.m.
Session 8
Game-3:  Division 4 Championship - approx. 10:30 a.m.
Session 9
Game-3:  Division 3 Championship - approx. 1 p.m.
Session 10 
Game-3:  Division 2 Championship - 4 p.m.
Session 11
Game-7:  Division 1 Championship - approx. 6:30 p.m.

Tournament Information

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Directions To Goodman Diamond

Directions to Alternate Madison College- Robert D.Goodman Softball Field

PARKING INFORMATION: Parking is available in Lot 60 or 76 at a rate of $10. There is no reentry.
Parking Map  /  Shuttle Map/Ramp

Madison Visitor Map

TICKETS (available at Ticket Window or online prior to tournament)

All tickets are general admission.

Ticket Window: Tickets for each session are sold at the Goodman Diamond ticket window in Madison during the State Tournament

Prices: Quarterfinal and semifinal game tickets are $8 each. Championship game tickets are $6 each. An all-day pass for either Thursday or Friday is $15. These prices do not include the processing fee if ordered on-line.

Purchase Tickets Here

State Tournament Carry-In Policy

ALLOWED ITEMS (see State Tournament Carry-In Policy) 
1.  "Homer hankies", towels, and "hands" with No. 1 fingers will be allowed provided:
      a.    Printing (if any) includes only school name, team nickname, or mascot.
      b.    They do not cause crowd problems.
2    Temporary hand held banners/signs are allowed provided:
       a.    No offensive language.  
       b.    Not disruptive to players, officials, or interfere with spectators.  
       c.    Not carried around ballpark before/during or after the game.  
3.    Banners/signs need to be handheld (by one person).
4.    Face tattoos and spray painted hair.  
5.    Items related to a medical condition.
6.    Diaper bags (with child).
7.    Chairbacks (not more than 16” wide).

ILLEGAL ITEMS & RESTRICTIONS (see State Tournament Carry-In Policy) 
1.    The following items will not be allowed in Goodman Diamond (all spectators and items are subject to search):
       a.    Selfie Sticks
       b.    Strollers/baby carriers, coolers, thermoses, bottles, cans, bags, and food and/or beverage items of any kind.
       c.    Backpacks and any bag larger than 8.5” x 11”.
       d.    No artificial noisemakers: stadium horns, cow bells, bottles with rocks in them, thunder stixs, Laser Pointers, etc.
       e.    Weapons of any kind.  
       f.    Balloons, paper confetti, spray string, paint/spray paint, inflatables, etc.
       g.    Alcohol and/or drugs.
       h.    NO body or face paint.
       i.    Pets (service animals with credential paperwork will be allowed).  
2.   All spectators are expected to be clothed appropriately with faces clearly visible.

3.   Antics involving throwing of paper airplanes or coins, etc., will result in the violator being removed. 
4.   Fans may not allow others to sit on their shoulders or stand on seats or railings.
5.   Fans may not sit on tops of dugouts.  

Spectators bringing prohibited item(s) will have them confiscated or will be told to return the item(s) to their vehicles.  There is no place to store these items at Goodman Diamond.  

The Division 1 quarterfinals and the semifinals of all four divisions of the WIAA State Softball Tournament will be streamed live on the WIAA.TV portal of the NFHS Network on a consumer subscription basis. To purchase a subscription to the live programming, www.nfhsnetwork log-on and click on the “JOIN NOW” button in the upper right corner of the page.

Watch Championship Games

Watch the live telecast of the WIAA State Softball finals on FS Wisconsin or the FS Wisconsin Plus channel Saturday, June 9. The Divisions 5, 4, 3 title games will be aired live on FS Wisconsin Plus  at 8 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., respectively. The Divisions 2 and 1 championship games will air on FS Wisconsin at 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., respectively. Check your local cable listings for the FS Wisconsin channel in your area, and click HERE for the FS Wisconsin Plus channel on your cable system.

The finals for the State Softball Tournament will be streamed live on Fox Sports Go.

Watch all the pre-finals action of the State Softball Tournament streamed live on the WIAA.TV portal of the NFHS Network. To subscribe and watch all the action leading up to the finals, Click HERE.


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