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3-Point Challenge



3-Point Challenge Information

3-Point Challenge

WIAA 3-Point Challenge 

Girls State Competition:   March 11
Boys State Competition:  March 18

Eligibility: Only boys/girls at WIAA members schools who have dressed for/or occupied the team bench for a boys/girls varsity basketball game are eligible to participate in the 3-Point Challenge.

To enter the challenge, a boy/girl must be eligible under all the eligibility rules and conditions of competition of the WIAA.  

A player’s whose team qualifies for the State Tournament may not participate in the 3-Point Challenge.  

There shall be no substitutes or alternates in the 3-Point Challenge.

Using a WIAA identified statistics entry program, the top 2 players per division will be eligible for the contest based on percent age of shots made during regular season games only.  (Minimum of 75 3-point shots during the regular season.) 

Dates for entering stats - Girls - February 20 - Boys - February 27

The top four players in each division will be notified and asked to commit to the challenge by Saturday of the Regional Finals.  Only the top two will participate.  All 10 will compete against each other to determine an overall champion.

Uniform: All participants shall wear their official school team uniform, which shall be the uniform jersey and shorts.  Uniform color shall be at the discretion of the participant. Shooters who appear at the competition, not in a school uniform, shall be disqualified from the shooting contest.  Participants need to come dressed to compete - no locker rooms will be available.

Financial Assistance:  Each participant in the 3-Point Challenge will receive a complimentary ticket to be admitted to the Saturday afternoon session of the State Tournament.  Each participant is entitled to one additional ticket for his/her coach to accompany him/her to the event. Travel and lodging to and from the state venue will be at the athlete’s/school’s expense.

The WIAA shall do a blind draw to determine the shooting order for all rounds.  The order will be announced prior to the date of the competition.  The shooting order for each round, after the first round, shall be in reverse (fewest made to most made) order of their score for the previous round. Each shooter will shoot one round consisting of five racks of five (5) balls (total of 25 balls).

Beginning with Rack 1, shooters will compete in a round and rotate through the five racks as follows:

Rack 1 - right corner
Rack 2 - right side of free throw line extended
Rack 3 - top of circle
Rack 4 - left side of free throw line extended
Rack 5 - left corner

Each made shot will count as 1 point.  The last ball on each rack will count for 2 points. There is a time limit of one (1) minute per shooter each round.  

Quarterfinal Round - 5 shooters on each end (5 rounds)
Semifinal Round - Top 4 shooters (point total) advance (2 rounds)
Final Round - Top 2 shooters (point total) advance (1 round).  Best score gets choice of going first or second.

Awards:   Plaque presented to winner along with medals to all qualifiers.
Ball: The TF1000 Legacy will be the official ball of the 3-Point Challenge