Board of Control

Board of Control

The Board of Control is the governing body of the WIAA. The Board consists of 10 administrators from the senior high school membership and one representative of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. Seven of the 11 members represent geographical districts of the state, one is an at-large gender representative, one is an at-large ethnic minority representative and one is an at-large nonpublic school representative.

2014-15 Members of the Board of Control

OFFICERS for 2014-15
President - Mike Beighley, Whitehall
President-Elect - Corey Baumgartner, Kiel
Treasurer - Pam Foegen, Regis

District 1 - Brad Ayer, Clear Lake (term expires 2016)
District 2 - Terry Reynolds, Pittsville (term expires 2015)
District 3 - Mike Beighley, Whitehall (term expires 2017)
District 4 - Corey Baumgartner, Kiel (term expires 2017)
District 5 - Brian Busler, Oregon (term expires 2015)
District 6 - Dean Sanders, Lake Mills (term expires 2016)
District 7 - Steven Knecht, Kenosha Unified School District (term expires 2016)
Ethnic Minority At-Large Representative - Eric Coleman, Milwaukee (term expires 2017)
Gender Minority At-Large Representative - Pam Foegen, Regis (term expires 2015)
Nonpublic School At-Large Representative - Ted Knutson, Aquinas (La Crosse) (term expires 2016)
Wisconsin Association of School Boards Representative -  William (Bill) Yingst, Durand (term expires 2016)

Authority of the Board of Control

The authority of the Board includes the general control over all activity and persons involved with the official school teams in any sponsored sport by the WIAA.
The Board has sole authority to interpret the provisions of the WIAA Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Eligibility, and any other regulations that are adopted. It also has authority to make changes, whenever necessary, in rules and regulations of the WIAA, except the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Eligibility.
The Board shall hear all appeals of decisions by the Executive Director, within provision of the WIAA appeal process, and have authority to grant relief in case of emergency or if extenuating circumstances are involved.

2014-15 Meeting Dates

Friday, August 15

Friday, September 12

Friday, October 10

Friday, December 5

Wednesday, January 28

Friday, March 6

Tuesday, April 21

Friday, May 15

Thursday, June 25

Board of Control Calendar

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