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Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Alma/Pepin @ Augusta
Jan. 27, 2022

I worked the JV game for these two teams and was impressed by the good sportsmanship displayed by both teams. Players played the game with respect for the opposition and officials and coaches coached their players not the officials. Both teams had quality players making for a good JV game. Working the game was enjoyable, good players, good coaches, good fans!

Reporting Official:  Brent Dickinsen

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Menominee Indian @ Iola-Scandinavia
Jan. 21, 2022

The players from the Menominee Indian displayed great sportsmanship throughout the entire game. The were a few plays where a foul was called and the players went to the floor and the Menominee players were there to help the Iola players get up. The Menominee Indian players were very polite when talking to the officials. Even after they lost the game, they came up to us and thanked us for officiating the game. This to me is great leadership by the coach and parents.

Reporting Official:  Adrian Vanden Acker

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Sheboygan South @ Manitowoc Lincoln
Jan. 25, 2022

Our crew was treated exceptionally well from the administration, game management, coaching staff and table crew last night at Manitowoc Lincoln. Athletic Director Dave Steavpack had his staff go above and beyond for the officials and communicated with us very well. Thank you for the hospitality, we look forward to coming back! These little things go a long way, we appreciate it.

Reporting Official:  Casey Pivonka

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Marion @ Manawa
Dec. 16, 2021

From our arrival at the site to when we left after the game concluded, the overall atmosphere was outstanding. The fans cheered on there teams, the coaches coached their teams and both players and coaches from each respective team were easy to work with and treated the officials with kindness and respect. Both teams also demonstrated excellent sportsmanship toward each other and contributed to making it an overall positive experience.

Reporting Official: Justin Haupt

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Sun Prairie @ Janesville Parker
Dec. 16, 2021

We enjoyed a tremendous game, beginning with our communication with AD Clayton Kreger prior, then our welcome by his game management and Big 8 Commissioner Chris Nicholson, who came to check in with us prior to the game, our night was great.The game was outstanding, very close to the end! Players played, coaches coached, and we officiated. Players were very competitive but 'friendly' to each other throughout. Coaches were 'perfect.' They worked with us and asked questions as needed. This was one of my favorite officiating games in years! As a fellow teacher and coach. it was exactly the way high school sports should be and usually are here in Wisconsin.

Reporting Official: Tom Young

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Basketball

Stevens Point @ Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln
Dec. 13, 2021

The game was between two schools that were anticipated to very competitive and it was a very full gym. During the game the fans were excellent with cheering for their school while the coaches and players treated the officials, as well as the opposing team, with respect. I want to thank both schools for showing amazing sportsmanship during a highly contested basketball game.

Reporting Official:  Franklin Searer

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Winter @ Phillips
Dec. 7, 2021

Hats off to Phillips boys head coach Amy Ring and Winter head coach Jason Ufferman. In a basketball game, sometimes you finish a game and understand why you enjoy reffing the game. This happened with our crew during this game. Both teams played hard, showed great sportsmanship and enjoyed playing the game. The score was lopsided one way, but both teams played hard and encouraged each other to continue to play hard. I feel this starts at the homes of these young athletes, but knowing high school sports, it comes from the way they are coached. Congrats to both coaching staffs, communities and school districts for showing us all what the true meaning of high school sports are all about.

Reporting Official:  Woodrow Keeble

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Basketball

Kiel @ Two Rivers
Dec. 14, 2021

I'd like to applaud Coach Slickman of Two Rivers and Coach Vandermeuse of Kiel for how they conducted themselves in our game last night. Our crew took a young official for his first varsity game and the coaches couldn't have been more respectful throughout the contest. Thank you gentleman for making this young official's first varsity game an enjoyable experience.

Reporting Official:  Mark Jandrin

Sportsmanship Plus - Wrestling

Kenosha Christian Life @ Nicolet
Dec. 4, 2021

“Thank you for being a referee", I have been a wrestling official for eight years now, and I can say this is the first time I had every athlete shake my hand and sincerely thank me. Alex Yang, Kenosha Christian Life, was the first. Not only did he thank me, but he thanked his opponents before the match for competing with him and he also thanked them for the competition after the match. I refereed four of Alex's matches and I believe he was 1-3. He didn't get upset after a loss. He got up and patted the opponent on the back and said thanks for the match. After his only match on my mat, he acted with the same class in victory.

Reporting Official:  Jeff Langkamp

Fall Tournament Sportsmanship Awards Selected

STEVENS POINT, Wis. – The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, in cooperation with Rural Mutual Insurance Company, has selected the team Sportsmanship Award winners for the 2021 fall State Tournaments.


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