Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Volleyball

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Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Volleyball

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Volleyball

Black River Falls @ Westby
Sept. 13, 2022

Both teams, all of the coaches, and the fans were absolutely enjoyable to work with. I was very impressed with the student section from Westby, in that they loudly cheered throughout the match, had some fun during the match, and had great cheers throughout. It was also a joy to listen to their pep band prior to the start of the match. They added a great atmosphere to the match. I also want to point out the sportsmanship of the Black River Falls players. They all came up to me after shaking hands with Westby and fist-bumped me and thanked me for reffing. Many of them also sought out my partner, Lynn, and the line judges to thank them as well. I commend the players, the coaches, the administration, and the fans from both schools. This is exactly the atmosphere we should see in high school athletics!

Reporting Official:  Lance Bagstad


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