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Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Lake Country Lutheran vs. Lakeshore Lutheran
Aug. 26, 2022

From the moment we arrived, we were escorted to a nice area where we had plenty of room to change clothes and get ready for the game. The field was a little bit of a hike, so we were given a ride on a golf cart to/from the field before/after the game. On the field, both teams were very respectful, They were helping each other up off the ground after a play,and they played hard and played the game the right way. Players came up asking about cross eye black they had on and asked if it was alright. I advised it was illegal and had to remove it, so they did. They were aware of making sure their teammates had their pads covered up or their knees covered, and didn't complain about anything. It was a well-played game, and even the fans thanked us (from the losing team) as we were getting a ride back to the locker rooms. The AD even went to the concession stand to grab some pizza and popcorn for us for after the game. All in all, class act all the way around, and they should be very proud of the atmosphere they have at that school. I would gladly work their games again in the future. They went above and beyond to make sure the officials were taken care of. Thank you!

Reporting Official:  Mike Edic

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

Northland Lutheran @ Antigo
Aug. 25, 2022

The Antigo Booster Club and parents met us after the soccer match providing pizza and saying thank you for officiating. Both coaches were very positive and the players and fans from both schools were encouraging and positive.

Reporting Official:   Jon Payne

Sportsmanship PLUS - Football

Cornell @ Athens
Aug. 26, 2022

This letter is to recognize the outstanding sportsmanship displayed by the Athens Blue Jays and the Cornell Chiefs. First, it’s a pleasure to work with Athen’s Athletic Director Craig Diedrich. His communication and ability to work with officials is outstanding. Second, Head Coaches Todd Diethelm and Craig Braaten teach positive sportsmanship to their coaching staff and players. Both team’s sidelines were encouraging, great to communicate with, and kept their sidelines clean during the play. This really helps keep officials safe and able to do their job. Questions were asked and the coaches appreciated the explanations given. Third, the players did an amazing job on the field. They worked and communicated well with officials, motivated their own teammates, provided the opposing team with words of praise, and helped each other off the turf. As a crew, we concluded that these athletes were some of the most respectful, positive, and grateful athletes we have encountered over decades of officiating. Plus, they adhered to playing safe football regarding blocks and defenseless players. Last, those typically not in the spotlight did an exceptional job. The chain gang was competent and listened well, the announcer positive, the clock operator spot on, fans positive and constructive, and the athletic trainer from Marshfield Clinic caring during her busy evening. It is contests like these that make the task of officiating rewarding. Our crew tips it cap to the communities of Athens and Cornell and the educational leadership of those schools. It takes time and effort to train our youth on the importance of education, sports, leadership, and exhibiting positive sportsmanship.

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland

Sportsmanship PLUS - Football

Antigo @ Sturgeon Bay
Aug. 26, 2022

Our crew experienced what Friday night football is all about. We were welcomed by Todd Meikle, the Sturgeon Bay athletic director. He took us into our dressing area and informed us of the schedule of events for the evening. When we walked onto the field, it was in exceptional shape. Kudos to the janitorial staff for having their field in immaculate condition. The game was played by two well-coached teams. The kids played their hearts out. Not to forget but, our crew especially appreciated the water/gatorade served to us at halftime. We even received Snickers candy bars at halftime. It’s the little things that make the difference and we want to let the Sturgeon Bay School/athletic director know that we appreciated how we were treated.

Reporting Official: Patrick Tschimperle

Spring Tournament Sportsmanship Award Recipients Announced

STEVENS POINT, Wis. – The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, in partnership with Rural Mutual Insurance Company, has selected the team Sportsmanship Award winners for the 2022 Spring State Team Tournaments.

Sportsmanship PLUS - Softball

Green Bay East/West @ Xavier
May 7, 2022

My partner and I were met by a young lady who was event management when we pulled in the parking lot, she was welcoming and friendly. We spoke to all coaches prior to the game, and they were fun and easy to talk to. Throughout two competitive games, everyone involved was polite and friendly to both of us, and more importantly, to each other. Both catchers routinely picked up bats for their opponents. Head coaches and their assistants continuously complemented kids for good defensive plays. It was refreshing to work for these teams. I've been doing this for a very long time, I promise you that almost without exception student athletes will treat officials and their opponent the way their coaches do. These kids are learning a lot more than softball when they spend time with adults like this. Well done.

Reporting Official:  Gary Hagberg

Sportsmanship PLUS - Softball

Hillsboro @ New Lisbon
May 5, 2022

New Lisbon has a very young team, they make a few mistakes as we all do, but they are growing from theses experiences. Central to that growth is their head coach, Ricki Lowe. I have the opportunity to work a good number of varsity contests and observe and interact with head coaches. Coach Lowe exemplifies the best attributes the WIAA, a district, an athletic director, parents and student-athletes could desire. Her positive encouragement, tireless support, and game knowledge clearly has her young ladies respect and support. Educational based extracurricular activities can evoke a wide range of emotions. Coach Lowe is a wonderful example of all the best things these opportunities present.

Reporting Official:  Jeff Taylor

Sportsmanship PLUS - Softball

Wilmot @ Union Grove
April 26, 2022

First thing that happened as we entered the field was two Union Grove players approached us with two brown paper bags  as a thank you for umpiring their game! These bags included a pack of gum, a pack of sunflower seeds,a granola bar, a thank you card, a card explaining their S.A.L.T. organization which stands for Student Athletic Leadership Team, AND best of all was a hand warmer which was definitely needed on this cold blustery day! We very much appreciated this act of kindness. Also, coaches, players and fans were respectful and watched a well-played game. Situations like these make all our hard work seem appreciated.

Reporting Official:  Jon Kradecki

Sportsmanship PLUS - Baseball

New Holstein @ Brillion
April 28, 2022

Here are four young men who appreciate and share positive sportsmanship with others: Hunter Boldt & Noah Hausler of New Holstein and Baily Ganz & Austin Hoyer of Brillion. Thank you for supporting players from the other team by picking up their bats, offering them a kind word, and showing hustle after foul balls when it isn’t asked of you. Your kind gestures were noticed by the umpires and were greatly appreciated. Brillion and New Holstein school district administrators should be proud of their respectful student athletes. Keep up the great work and have a fun season!

Reporting Official:  Brent Thompson

Sportsmanship PLUS - Softball

Elkhorn @ Waterford
April 29, 2022

Another kind gesture by the home team! Waterford  gave us both an “Official’s Goody Bag!”  It was part of their Sports Officiating and Coaching class. The bag had a bottle of water, granola bar, chips, rice krispee bar, and a nice thank you note. Again, so nice to feel appreciated for all our hard work and training! The game was good, exciting and well played! Both teams were polite hard working young ladies and the coaches and fans enjoyed a good game. Heartfelt thanks from the two officials!

Reporting Official:  Jon Kradecki


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