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Berlin @ Antigo
Aug. 18, 2017

Our crew experienced an outstanding display of sportsmanship from the two football programs and their communities. What a great way to kick off the 2017 Football Season! The treatment the officials received from start to finish was impeccable. First, we were treated with excellent communication and treatment by Athletic Director, Matt Meronk and his staff. Next, our crew was impressed with the coaching staff of both teams as the players were very well coached. These gentlemen kept sidelines well-managed and exhibited class and respect. Our wing officials acknowledge how well the coaches and players stayed out of the restricted area during plays, probably the best we have ever seen. Both teams’ coaching staff were positive with comments as they motivated their players to excel. If coaches had a question about a call, they remained positive and did what they do best, coach. Our crew hopes the remaining teams it sees this season are as positive and classy as what we experenced this Friday night. The crew appreciated the positive sportsmanship of the players.  The backs and receivers quickly provided footballs to officials after the play to keep the game timely managed, and captains did a fine job of asking questions of officials while stating their appreciation for the explanations given. Outstanding leadership and respect was shown by captains and their teammates as each team helped players of the other team off the turf. The fans were supportive and positive. The loud cheers and support for their players and community were definitely exhibited. Our crew applauds the efforts of the coaches, staff, players, fans, and community for the outstanding sportsmanship shown. We were privileged to serve them. The pride and honor taught to our youth is only possible by the mentors they experience. Congratulations Antigo and Berlin!  

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland


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