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Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Basketball

Little Chute @ Oconto Falls
Nov. 30, 2022

I just wanted to reach out and say how impressed We were at the level of play and sportsmanship of both teams in this game. the players played hard and focused on the game. The coaches provided positive feedback to the kids and kept their attention on the game. It was a pleasure to work with such great people. It was a job well done!

Reporting Official:  Michael Lyons

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Volleyball

Carmen Northwest @ Milwaukee Washington
Sept. 28, 2022

Players wearing jersey numbers #3 and #12 for Carmen Northwest were chosen to be captains for this contest. They showed leadership in relaying rules from the coach/captain coin-flip meeting, pre-game help with JV games and in working with the JV girls game warm-up and with bench personnel and teammates.

Reporting Official:  Charles Organ

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

West Bend West @ Beaver Dam
Sept. 24, 2022

Coach David Elgersman and the entire Beaver Dam team showed very good sportsmanship. This coach kept his players from entering any of the arguing or comments during the game. Even after the game, the team was showing exceptionally good sportsmanship toward the officials.

Reporting Official:  Steven Melendez

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Germantown @ West Allis Hale
Sept. 23, 2022

In all my years officiating football, I have never had such a great sideline. The players were a good five yards off the sideline and never encroached on the “box.” The only people in the box were the chain crew and myself. Coach Jake Davis was polite and respectful when asking questions of the penalties called and how they were enforced. I barely knew there were assistant coaches on the sideline besides them yelling out calls. One of their players not suited up for the game, Brady, was the “ball boy” and he followed my instructions perfectly and I never had to worry about getting a ball into play, including after extra points. All this made my job as head linesman enjoyable and easier than any other game. Thank you coach Davis and the Germantown team!

Reporting Official:  Jon Kradecki

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Oregon @ McFarland
Sept. 17, 2022

The McFarland boys soccer team showed great sportsmanship. The players accepted all of the calls by the officials, talked in a respectful manner to the other players and the officials, and helped up players that fell on the other side. They were gracious to all, and it was a pleasure to officiate this team. Great job Spartans.

Reporting Official:  Thomas Vergeront

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Stratford vs. Nekoosa
Sept. 16, 2022

First, it’s a pleasure to work with Stratford’s Athletic Director Craig Martens. His communication, hospitality, and ability to work with officials is outstanding. Second, Head Coaches Jason Tubbs and Mark Tuttle teach positive sportsmanship to their coaching staff and players. Both team’s sidelines were encouraging, great to communicate with, and kept their sidelines clean during the play. This really helps keep officials safe and able to do their job. The wing officials describe the sidelines as respectful, classy, positive, and easy to communicate with. The players did an amazing job on the field. They worked and communicated well with officials, motivated their teammates, provided the opposing team with words of praise, and helped each other off the turf. The captains and players listened well to officials and were grateful for the preventative officiating advice and answers to their questions. Also, those typically not in the spot light did an exceptional job. The chain gang was competent and listened well, the announcer positive, the clock operator spot on, fans positive, and the athletic trainers outstanding.  Our crew tips it cap to the communities of Stratford and Nekoosa and the educational leadership of those schools. It takes time and effort to train our youth on the importance of education, sports, leadership, and exhibiting positive sportsmanship.

Reporting Official:  Shaun Umland

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Volleyball

Black River Falls @ Westby
Sept. 13, 2022

Both teams, all of the coaches, and the fans were absolutely enjoyable to work with. I was very impressed with the student section from Westby, in that they loudly cheered throughout the match, had some fun during the match, and had great cheers throughout. It was also a joy to listen to their pep band prior to the start of the match. They added a great atmosphere to the match. I also want to point out the sportsmanship of the Black River Falls players. They all came up to me after shaking hands with Westby and fist-bumped me and thanked me for reffing. Many of them also sought out my partner, Lynn, and the line judges to thank them as well. I commend the players, the coaches, the administration, and the fans from both schools. This is exactly the atmosphere we should see in high school athletics!

Reporting Official:  Lance Bagstad

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln @ Wausau West
Sept. 2, 2022

Our crew wants to acknowledge the great sportsmanship and overall exhibition of high school sports at the highest level. What a great atmosphere and amazing game we had the privilege to officiate. Wausau West and Wis Rapids are both coached by extreme classy coaches. The players were so very helpful towards each other. A high level high intensity conference game for sure. As the game unfolded the sportsmanship even took a tick upwards. We want both schools and there fan bases to understand just how special their respective programs are. Great experience and exactly what high school sports on a Friday night should be. What an honor for us to be a part of it.

Reporting Official:  Rich Hohl

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Lake Country Lutheran vs. Lakeshore Lutheran
Aug. 26, 2022

From the moment we arrived, we were escorted to a nice area where we had plenty of room to change clothes and get ready for the game. The field was a little bit of a hike, so we were given a ride on a golf cart to/from the field before/after the game. On the field, both teams were very respectful, They were helping each other up off the ground after a play,and they played hard and played the game the right way. Players came up asking about cross eye black they had on and asked if it was alright. I advised it was illegal and had to remove it, so they did. They were aware of making sure their teammates had their pads covered up or their knees covered, and didn't complain about anything. It was a well-played game, and even the fans thanked us (from the losing team) as we were getting a ride back to the locker rooms. The AD even went to the concession stand to grab some pizza and popcorn for us for after the game. All in all, class act all the way around, and they should be very proud of the atmosphere they have at that school. I would gladly work their games again in the future. They went above and beyond to make sure the officials were taken care of. Thank you!

Reporting Official:  Mike Edic

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

Northland Lutheran @ Antigo
Aug. 25, 2022

The Antigo Booster Club and parents met us after the soccer match providing pizza and saying thank you for officiating. Both coaches were very positive and the players and fans from both schools were encouraging and positive.

Reporting Official:   Jon Payne


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