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2020-21 Wrestling Rules Changes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind — As the result of a concerted effort to accommodate the growing number of female wrestlers, the 2020-21 high school wrestling rules changes are headlined by significant adjustments to weigh-in protocol and appropriate hair-length requirements.

High School Sports, Activities: Opportunity for Everyone to be Included, Accepted

Karissa L. Niehoff, Ph.D, is in her second year as executive director of the National Federation of State High School Associations

Seemingly overnight, the focus across the country is not on the COVID-19 pandemic or the restarting of sports. The horrific tragedy in Minneapolis and the ensuing protests in major cities across our nation have resulted in a sobering wake-up call that there are issues that must be addressed as fervently as the development of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

2020-21 Hockey Rule Changes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —Measures to reduce the risk of injury for participants and to provide an additional scenario for instant replay usage comprise the prominent components of the 2020-21 high school ice hockey rules changes.

Thirty-Two Receive Prestigious Scholar-Athlete Award

STEVENS POINT, Wis. — Sixteen senior girls and 16 senior boys have been selected as finalists to receive the prestigious 2020 WIAA Statewide Scholar Athlete Award underwritten by Marshfield Children’s Hospital.

2020-21 Basketball Rule Changes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  — Beginning next year, high school basketball rules will further clarify when a contest is to be forfeited, including if a qualified individual is not present to coach. A proposal for a national rule mandating a shot clock as well as a proposal to allow a shot clock by state adoption were not approved.

2020-21 Gymnastics Rule Changes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Changes introduced for the 2020-21 high school girls gymnastics season again explore composition thanks to efforts to streamline the category for efficient evaluation.

Board Approves Extension of Physical Exam Period, 2021 State Boys Golf Dates

STEVENS POINT, Wis. – The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Board of Control approved an extension of the alternate year physical examination period required for interscholastic participation and discussed options to modify operational revenues and expenses at its May meeting today.

Karyn Bye Dietz to be Enshrined into National Hall of Fame

STEVENS POINT, Wis. – Karyn Bye Dietz will be one of 12 individuals inducted into the 2020 National Federation of State High School Associations Hall of Fame during the induction ceremony that has been postponed to the NFHS Summer Meeting in Orlando, Fla., in 2021.

Study to Determine Affects of School Closures on Student-Athletes

STEVENS POINT, Wis. –The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association has endorsed a University of Wisconsin research study to determine how school closures have affected the physical health and well-being of high school students.

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