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Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Soccer

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Soccer

Eau Claire North @ Chippewa Falls
April 30, 2019

On a cold and rainy day, I had forgotten my gloves in my duffle bag and planned to simply suffer through the game. Part way through the first half, #25 for Eau Claire North (I’m sorry I didn’t get her name) noticed me trying to keep my hands warm. She said she had some gloves, but I said I’d be fine and finished the half. At halftime, #25 took the time to dig out the gloves from her bag, and as we were about to go on the field for the second half, she came over to me and gave me the gloves to wear. I thanked her and was able to keep my hands warmer in the second half. It was such a sweet gesture and so kind of her to think about others, despite her being in the heat of competition. The world could use more people like this.

Reporting Official:  Ryan Gutsch


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