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Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Wausau East @ Rhinelander
Sept. 13, 2019

Congratulations to Rhinelander’s Coach Kraemer for his exceptional efforts of coaching sportsmanship with his staff and players. His coaching strategy keeps his players motivated and positive. The wing official stated Rhinelander exhibited the most class he has experienced with words and actions. The lines judge stated the coaching staff was respectful and appreciated the efforts of the officials regarding explanations. The team of coaches kept their players motivated and well instructed on the game and how to interact with the opposing team. Last, we experienced a team of coaches who kept their players and themselves inside the box at the snap and throughout the play. We never had to remind them like we normally do every Friday night. The players did an fantastic job on the field. They kept their words positive and helped players of both teams of the turf. The backs found and gave the umpire the ball immediately so he could ensure the ball was kept dry during a very rainy evening. The captains asked good questions and communicated effectively with each other and officials. The fans were great! We didn’t hear any negative comments, and this could be attributed to an announcer that was positive for both teams, educational on sportsmanship, entertaining and humorous. The fans provided positive cheers for their team during great plays as well as sub-par plays. The parents’ and fans’ actions teach students how to properly behave in society when the game is meant for entertainment and to teach many life lessons. The community of Rhinelander should be proud of the actions of their coaches, players, and fans as we enjoy the great game of football.

Reporting Official: Shawn Umland


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