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Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Chetek-Weyerhaeuser @ Spooner
Oct. 8, 2021

This letter is to recognize the outstanding sportsmanship exhibited by the two teams. The coaches did an exceptional job of modeling positive sportsmanship. They were organized, communicated well with their staff and players, calm, focused, and taught their players the expectations desired: leadership, problem solving, dealing with adversity, being competitive, putting forth their best effort, and showcasing positive behavior. Coach Fizel and Coach Knickerbocker also did an exceptional job of keeping the restricted area clean during play and maintaining sideline actions; the best we have seen this season. Towards the end of the contest, the coaches got together to provide a young man (Oscar) an opportunity take part in in the game by providing him the ball to earn a 10 yard gain. It is this type of caring spirit by these gentlemen that displays the true sense of sports. When discussing the contest after the game, the wing officials used adjectives like positive expectations, staying strong, enthusiasm, and class to describe the sidelines of each team.  The players displayed true sportsmanship throughout the contest. They helped each other off the turf, kept words positive, shared words of encouragement, provided the umpire the ball immediately after the play to keep it dry, and exhibited leadership to keep their team motivated. The officiating crew was so impressed with the actions of the players. The fans were appreciative of their teams as they cheer loudly and respectfully. You can really tell that each community knows how to teach and model positive sportsmanship that is then showcased throughout their schools and students. Displaying proper sportsmanship is the expectation of these communities, and they are willing to take on this challenge. Our crew was honored to officiate this contest and applaud the conference’s value of proper sportsmanship. The communities should be proud of their actions.

Reporting Official: Shawn Umland


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