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Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Deerfield @ Lourdes
Oct. 7, 2021

The overall sportsmanship involved in this contest with both teams was phenomenal. Our crew observed multiple players from both teams celebrating good plays with each other. Players on both teams were helping each other up off of the turf during the game and communicating with each other in a pro-social manner throughout the entirety of the contest. The coaches from both teams were very respectful towards our sideline officials and asked clarifying questions as needed in specific situations while accepting the outcome of our rulings as officials. We as officials thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this contest largely because of the level of sportsmanship we observed, thank you for your efforts as coaches and players setting the example of good sportsmanship in the WIAA.

Reporting Official:  Jonathan Wild


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