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In an effort to provide you with relevant, timely information, the WIAA has launched a new initiative which consists of providing you with short videos regarding specific topics that will be posted throughout the year.  We believe that this will help us communicate with our members in a more efficient manner and alleviate the number of e-mails that are sent to AD’s, coaches, officials, by our Association.  We are excited to offer you an opportunity to hear updates from the WIAA staff, in short video form.  We hope that you will be an active participant in this new initiative and stay up to date on information being shared from the WIAA.  Here is some information to get you started!

WIAA Extra Points

                WHO:  AD’s, Principals, Superintendents, Coaches, Officials...

                WHAT:  2-minute videos with information that is relevant to you, in your role with the WIAA


  • Or you can find the videos by going to  the WIAA website ( and clicking on the VIDEOS tab at the very top of your screen in the black bar. 
  • Categories will be displayed, including each individual sport, as well as an Executive Director’s tab (messages from Stephanie Hauser), and an Officials tab.
  • Click on the category or categories that pertain to you, and the video library will display.

    WHEN:  WIAA Staff is currently working on posting their first videos, and will continue throughout the calendar year.
  • Videos may appear under each category as often as 1x per week, or when sports are out of season, the frequency may be closer to 1x per month.
  • If you SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel (for those videos that pertain to you), you will receive a notification every time a new video appears in that channel.
  • WIAA staff members each have one YouTube channel and will be posting on the following topics.  Choose to subscribe to the individuals who are covering topics that pertain to you!  (After watching your first video, you will be prompted to subscribe.  Go for it!)
    • Stephanie Hauser:  Executive Director Updates
    • Mel Dow:  Eligibility, Baseball, Tennis, Wrestling
    • Tom Shafranski:  WADA, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Swimming & Diving
    • Kate Peterson Abiad:  Officials, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
    • LeVar Ridgeway:  Cross Country, Hockey, Soccer, Softball

HOW:  Go to

  • Choose from the list of tabs on the left. 
    • Officials are encouraged to watch to the OFFICIALS videos, as well as the Sport videos for which they are licensed.
  • At the end of the first video, select SUBSCRIBE
    • This will initiate a notification to you when another video from that staff member has been posted. 


If you have questions, need assistance, or have topics that you would like to have included in a WIAA Extra Point video, please feel free to reach out.