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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Report Error Prior to the Start of a Match

Situation: In a dual match, team A sends their contestant to the mat to accept a forfeit. Upon checking their weight eligibility, the referee notices that the contestant is not eligible to compete at that weight class, he is only eligible for the two previous weight classes. Upon being informed of this by the referee, the coach of team A responds by sending a different contestant (who is weight eligible to accept the forfeit). The coach of team B approaches the table and insists that the wrestler cannot be withdrawn or replaced without being disqualified. He requests a double forfeit. What is the correct decision by the referee at this time?

Answer: Even though the wrestler had approached the table he was not officially in the match until he was checked in. He was not allowed to check in by the referee because he was not weight eligible. This error can be corrected without penalty to the contestants (rule 6-2-2, p. 31) Team A can send another contestant to accept the forfeit. Now, had he officially checked in, and this error was discovered prior to the start of the next match, the match would result in a double forfeit.


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