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Friday, November 30, 2018

Neutral Position False Starts and Recovery Time

Q - Are there any penalty points associated with injuring your opponent due to a neutral position false start? 

A - First of all, the wrestler that committed the false start will receive a caution or will be penalized for a false start if he/she has already had two cautions. If the referee feels that the injury was a result of unsportsmanlike conduct or unnecessary roughness he/she will be penalized  for USC or UR.  However, if the referee does not feel that an illegal act caused the injury, but simply was a result of the false start, there will be no penalty points.  If the injured contestant is unable to continue after 2 minutes recovery time, the injured wrestler will be awarded the match by default. Proper mechanics by the referee should hopefully avoid this from taking place. Keep in mind that if the act is viewed as flagrant, it would result in immediate disqualification.

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