Monday, November 5, 2012

WIAA Hockey--Participation Eligibility Regulation

As the 2012-13 WIAA Ice Hockey campaign opens with practices starting today, November 5, 2012, awareness of one WIAA regulation is crucial for student-athletes who are participating in nonschool programs.

WIAA Sr. High School Handbook, Article VI, Section 1, 2), indicates:  "A student who was a member of a school team in a given sport during the previous year may not delay reporting for the school team beyond the school's official opening day of practice in order to continue nonschool training or competition."

This regulation review is just a friendly reminder that hockey student-athletes must report to their school team for the first day of practice if they were a member of the school team the previous year.

Questions regarding this student eligibility regulation can be directed to Tom Shafranski, WIAA Ice Hockey liaison, via email at or by calling (715) 344-8580.


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