Eight-Player Football

8-Player Jamboree Information

2017 WIAA Eight-Player Football Jamboree
Saturday, Oct. 28
Stiehm Stadium
,  Schofield, Wis.

Ticket Prices $5 each at the gate

8-Player Standings

Siren 52 Abundant Life/St. Ambrose 0

Sevastopol 36 Wausaukee 20

Oakfield 50 Northwood/Solon Springs 33

Newman Catholic 34 Luck 32

The Jamboree is not a state championship.  It is a showcase of 8-player schools to provide exposure and incentive to WIAA member schools considering utilizing 8-player football to maintain their program. Schools are paired based on geography and their overall record. 

Only the overall record is used for Jamboree purposes.

In 2018, the WIAA will provide an eight-team tournament for the schools sponsoring 8-player football. 


The WIAA member schools will provide a 16-team tournament in the year following that 30 or more schools begin sponsoring 8-player football.

2018 Eight-Player Football

8-player Standings

Abundant Life Christian/St. Ambrose Academy
Bowler/Gresham Community
Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah
Gibraltar *
Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran
Lena/St. Thomas Aquinas
McDonell Central Catholic
Menominee Indian *
New Auburn
Newman Catholic
Northwood/Solon Springs
Oneida Nation
Phillips *
Port Edwards
Prairie Farm
Shell Lake
Washburn/Bayfield *
Wisconsin Heights *

* Not eligible for playoffs. Only schools with a three-year enrollment average of 200 or less are eligible for the playoff series.

The WIAA sponsored reduced-player football prior to the advent of the football playoff system in 1976. There were 78 schools that fielded reduced-player squads in the late 1950s, 72 of which were eight-player teams and six that were six-player. However, that number dwindled to just a few programs by 1969.

Jamboree Spectator Guide

Stiehm Stadium, D.C. Everest Junior High School, 1000 Machmueller Street, Schofield, WI 54476 Map

8-Player vs. 11-Player


GENERAL: Eleven-player rules are used for eight-player football with the following modifications. 

RULE 1: Each team has 8 players. The field is 80 yards between goal lines and 40 yards wide with  15-yard side zones. Seven-yard marks, 12 inches in length and 4 inches in width, shall be located 7 yards from each sideline. The 7-yard marks shall be marked so that at least each 10-yard line bisects the 7-yard marks. These marks shall not be required if the field is visibly numbered. If on-the-field numbers are used, the tops of those numbers shall be 7 yards from the sideline. By state association adoption, the 11-player field may be designated as official, and the dimensions of the field may be altered. 

RULE 2: The free-blocking zone is a square area extending laterally 3 yards either side of the spot of the 

snap and 3 yards behind each line of scrimmage. 

RULE 2: The Outside Nine Yard Mark and Between Nine Yard Mark Conferences shall be held outside or 

between the seven yard marks, respectively. 

RULE 6:K’s free-kick line is its 30-yard line and R’s free-kick line is the 40. 

RULE 7: a. At least five A players shall be on their line at the snap and may have any legal jersey number. 

b. After the ball is marked ready for play, each player of A who participated in the previous 

down, and each substitute for A must have been, momentarily, between the 7-yard marks, 

before the snap. 

c. Each A player (regardless of jersey number) who at the snap was on an end of the 

 scrimmage line (total of two) and each A  

player who at the snap was legally behind the 

scrimmage line (possible total of three) is eligible. 

RULE 8: On the eight-player field, the ball is snapped after a touchback and is free kicked after a safety 

from the 15-yard line. 

RULE 10: The basic spot for a foul as in 10-4-6 shall be the 15-yard line.

For the Jamboree, a 100 yard field will be used.

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