WIAA FB Contact Limitations Passed



Thursday, June 26, 2014

WIAA FB Contact Limitations Passed

WFCA Football Advisory Committee members met in Madison on June 13th with three Sports Medical Advisory Doctors and the WIAA staff to discuss types of football player on player contact that can occur during football practice and the possible limitation of that contact.  Player on Player contact was defined into five types using existing definitions:  air, bags, wrap, thud, and live/full.  The five types of contact were divided into two categories: Drill (air, bags, and wrap) contact and Competition/Full (thud & live/full) contact.  Drill contact is unlimited during the practices.  Competition/Full is limited to none the first week of practice, 75 minutes the second week of practice, and 60 minutes the third week of practice and beyond.  The plan was brought through the committee process and passed by the Board of Control on June 26 and is effective for the 2014 football season. The Fall Acclimatization plan must be followed as directed throughout the season. Click here for the WIAA Football Player on Player Contact Rule

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