Thursday, August 2, 2012

NFHS Significant FB Rule Changes

There are several significant rules changes on football for 2012:

•  On passing plays, a receiver must first contact and establish control of the ball while inbounds – regardless of the opponent’s action.  In other words, a catch cannot be ruled on plays where the receiver may have come down in bounds if not for the action of the defender.

•  If a player’s helmet comes off during a play, and did not occur as a result of a foul by the opponent, that player must leave the game for one play, unless it happens on the final play of a half or an overtime. 

•  Hand contact by a blocker below the waist of a defender is now considered blocking below the waist.

•  The kicking team may not contact a member of receiving team on a kickoff until the ball has traveled 10 yards, or unless a member of the receiving team initiates the contact 

•  Jerseys of the visiting team must be white in color, and home jerseys are restricted in the use of white for varsity competition.  This was a rule change made in 2007 for implementation this season.


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