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Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln @ Stevens Point
Oct. 5, 2023

Stevens Point staff greeted our crew with referee appreciation gift bags. The two rival schools from the Wisconsin Valley Conference competed in a very exciting match. The coaches, players, and fans engaged in respectful and constructive encouragement of the student athletes. Parents from both schools thanked our crew as we left the soccer complex. It was a wonderful example of interscholastic sports.

Reporting Official:  Jon Payne

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Volleyball

Chesterton Academy @ Veritas/Tenor
Sept. 28, 2023

In the first set, Veritas/Tenor was down by a significant margin. Chesterton's server serves the ball at the baseline where it falls untouched. The student line judge is a bit confused and eventually calls out. Immediately, both Veritas/Tenor Head Coach Carly Anderson and her assistant say that the ball is clearly in. As R1 is awarding the point to her team, Coach Anderson approaches me as R2 to state that the ball was clearly in. I get my R1's attention and she repeats the statement. The R1 accepts Coach Anderson's honor call and changes the call and awards the point to Chesterton. After this happens I overhear the Chesterton bench express their stunned admiration that the opponent would give up a "break". I believe that this act of sportsmanship and fair play should be admired and commended.

Reporting Official:  Michael Baird

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

Plymouth @ Waupun
Oct. 10, 2023

Despite the fact that Logan VanDrie of Plymouth was a rather driven player, he always had time to always say nice things to his teammates, a number of his opponents and me too!  

Reporting Official: Tom Konecny

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

Mount Horeb @ Watertown Luther Prep
Sept. 23, 2023

Watertown Luther Prep was very gracious and polite during the entire game. They helped get the ball in play for both teams and substitutes went to the field very fast and helped keep the game going. All of the fans from both schools were very polite and only cheered for the players and never had a bad word for any referee call. This is a first for me in all the years of refereeing at WIAA varsity level sports.

Reporting Official:  Steven Melendez

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Volleyball

Kenosha Bradford @ Hartford JV
Sept. 23, 2023

Kenosha Bradford was a pleasure to officiate. They were complimentary of the other teams in their pool during play and displayed honesty throughout their matches.

Reporting Official:  Erika Candler


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