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Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Green Bay West vs. Peshtigo JV
April 27, 2019

Today was an excellent display in sportsmanship, encouragement, and teamwork. Both coaches can be proud of their players. Both schools can stand tall knowing their program have exceptional player leadership. In the first game of the doubleheader, I witnessed the encouragement from the Green Bay West catcher, #20 Kenley Knight. The praise and encouragement she gave her team was exciting to watch and hear. She acknowledged the Peshtigo team players when they got a good hit and came up to bat the next time. In the second game, I had the opportunity to be the field umpire. This is where I noticed another outstanding display of sportsmanship. Throughout the game, Peshtigo #24 Emma Gilligan was the spokesman for encouragement on defense. She was the leader on the field. Emma would also congratulate the Green Bay West players when they had a great hit, or great play on defense. These ladies with their positive attitudes and their leadership are the reason I continue to officiate. I want to recognize and commend both of these ladies, Kenley Knight and Emma Gilligan, as they were keeping with the highest standards of WIAA sportsmanship.

Reporting Official:  Jim Kostura

Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Weyauwega-Fremont @ Mayville
April 25, 2019

Weyauwega-Fremont Coach Brianne McCoy is an excellent, positive and understanding coach. I wish all coaches were like he, and I thought I needed to let their athletic director know this.

Reporting Official: Raymond Raatz

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Elkhorn @ Waterford
April 23, 2019

Both head coaches were easy to talk with before and during the game. The players hustled on and off the field the entire game. Very polite and cooperative catchers on both teams too, and no "griping" on pitches that could have gone either way, just a couple of "where was that" and an "OK". But the best was at the end, when a staff member from Waterford H.S. gave each of us an "officials goody bag" that had some snacks in it, a bottle of water, and a thank you card for taking the time out of our day to be an umpire at their athletic event. In all the years of umpiring, I've never been given such an item after the game with thanks for being there.

Reporting Official: Steven Kurkowski

Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

New Glarus @ Cambridge
April 16, 2019

Head coaches Dean Freeland and Myken Deada promoted and exhibited good sportsmanship and both schools deserve recognition. Both teams, including players and coaches, showed exemplary sportsmanship in the contest, win or lose. Everyone was friendly and polite, and the players from both sides played hard but never lost sight of sportsmanship during the game. It was the kind of game that was a joy to umpire. 

Reporting Official:  Rich Fronheiser

Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Marion @ Bowler
April 22, 2019

I had the pleasure of working a doubleheader between Bowler and Marion. The weather didn't look good going forward so the coaches hustled to get the games going early. I will likely not work with a better group of young ladies or coaches. When the players addressed me or my partner for any reason it was preceded by sir, and followed by thank you. The girls handed each other bats and picked up catchers masks throughout the games. They congratulated each other for good plays. The coaches coached hard and gave great instruction to their teams, but they also smiled and had fun with the kids. Late in game two, the contest was getting a little lopsided, the coach leading instructed her runner on third base to leave early to end an inning. The girls will learn a lot more than just softball when they have the opportunity to play for coaches and in front of fans like this. They learn how to treat adults and opponents with respect. 

Reporting Official: Gary Hagberg


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