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Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Whitewater @ Turner
May 9, 2018

We want to commend Coach Peters from Turner and Coach Sdano from Whitewater on an excellent ball game. Their players, fans and coaching staffs were wonderful. This was the true meaning of sportsmanship! Congratulations to both schools involved. They have a lot to be very proud of!

Reporting Official:  Chris Nicholson

Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Mosinee @ Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln
May 4, 2018

My partner and I would like to take the time to congratulate both Wisconsin Rapids and Mosinee for their demonstration of positve sportsmanship. Athletic Director John Frizzell was on site when we arrived and greeted us with a smile and a warm welcome. Both team coaches (Holberg and Felch) and their assistants focused on coaching their players during the game and all we heard was postive encouragement and reinforcement from them. Coach Holberg requested one appealable play in a professional manner and when he heard the results of our final decision he accepted it and moved on. We also want to recognize the players from both teams that thanked us everytime we dusted off the plate or bases and thanked us at the end of the night for officiating as we exited the field. The community of Wisconsin Rapids can take pride as well with the spectators cheering on the players and letting the officials officiate all night long. All in all, it was a great game to be apart of and the positive life lessons these players are learning will help them be good citizens as well.

Reporting Official:  Wayne Hannes

Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Xavier @ New London
April 26, 2018

This was a great softball game that came down to the very end. Although the softball was great, the sportsmanship by the players, coaches, and fans was even better. The players picked up the bats for each other, they complimented each other, they even joked with each other on the bases from time-to-time. The coaches were also excellent. One thing to note is how encouraging the coaches were to there players throughout the game. Lastly, we had several fans compliment us on the way out of the venue and even had a lady yell to us as we were leaving and ran up to us so that she could comment on how positive we were with the players throughout the game.  We commend these two schools for promoting positive sportsmanship with their players, their coaches, and their fans. Job well done!!

Reporting Official:  Lance Bagstad

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Appleton East @ Neenah
May 3, 2018

I wanted to take the time to recognize the players and coaches of your varsity baseball programs.  Coach Piepenbrink of Neenah and Coach Reed of Appleton East are fine examples of coaches that teach. Throughout the entire contest they encouraged their players by instructing them on how to get better. Jack Carlson the catcher from Neenah and Jack Habeck the pitcher from Appleton East showed grit and determination throughout the entire contest. The manner in which they encouraged their teammates with their positive words and hustle were noticed.

Reporting Official:  Phil Punzel

Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Colfax @ Boyceville
May 1, 2018

We would like to recognize both teams for good sportsmanship, not just one player but all players, Colfax and Coach Dickerson’s showed great team play during the game, and Boyceville also showed nothing but respect to all. Have a great rest of the year teams.

Reporting Official:  Pat Plumer

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Hartford @ Slinger
April 30, 2018

A huge crowd was on hand, and the fans exhibited outstanding sportsmanship cheering their team on with no complaints about the officiating. We certainly enjoy working for both AD's (Slinger - Mike Daniels and Hartford - Scott Helms). Both teams and coaches were very professional throughout the game. (Slinger - Kam Koplitz and Hartford - Eric Vanden Acker). The Orioles led 2-0 before  We were definitely impressed with the high level of competition and excellent behavior of both teams. Well done!

Reporting Official:  Owen Kaul

Sportsmanship Plus - Track & Field

Platteville Invitational
May 1, 2018

This meet was to be a triangular but two more teams were added as everyone is looking for meets to get their runners experience, having so many meets canceled this spring.  Athletic Director Mike Foley and Coach Rob Serres met me and welcomed me, as well as thanked me for coming to be the starter for this event. It was great to see the athletic director help run the meet. It was a nice day with temps in the 70s. All of the athletes displayed great sportsmanship, cheering for one another, helping each other with the starting blocks, congratulating the winning athlete, and enjoying the competing against each other. All of the coaches, athletes and event workers had a great event. What was really nice was the number of athletes from Platteville and the other schools who came up to thank me for starting their race. All of the teams (Richland Center, Dodgeville/Mineral Point, Southwestern, Potosi, and Platteville) should be proud of these teams for their display of great sportsmanship. Keep up the good work and good luck in your remaining meets.

Reporting Official:  Tracy Krueger

Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Cashton @ Westby
April 27, 2018

My partner and I would like to recognize Cashton High School catcher Taylor Costello for the sportsmanship she displayed during tthis game. The Cashton coach used a first-time pitcher against Westby. Taylor was very supportive of her efforts, calming her and encouraging her with every pitch.  Taylor became the “field general” during the game, and even though her team was on the losing end, Taylor kept a positive and upbeat attitude at all times. For this reason we would like to recognize Taylor for her outstanding sportsmanship.  

Reporting Official:  Curt Ladwig

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Ashwaubenon @ Green Bay Preble
April 26, 2018

I wanted to take a moment to recognize the great sportsmanship displayed by your varsity baseball teams. First, the energy before the game was fantastic. Coach Krueger and Coach Conord displayed professionalism during the entire contest. Both coaches are truly teachers of the game of baseball.  Josh Nicklaus of Green Bay Preble and Will Adair of Ashwaubenon were two players that demonstrated great sportmanship throughout the entire contest.Both players hustled during the entire game, they encouraged their teammates, and after the contest greeted the opposing team with respect. Thanks for letting us be a part of this great contest.

Reporting Official:  Phil Punzel

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

New London @ Xavier
April 12, 2018

We wanted to express our appreciation to both the New London and Xavier varsity baseball programs for a well-played game early in the season.  For both programs, respect was noticeably one of the central values being taught in the classroom, at practice, and on game day.  New London players Kyle Wolf and Dylan Moeller were true leaders on the field. Xavier players Phil Lorge and Pierce Blohowiak showed numerous positive acts of sportsmanship throughout the contest.  I also wanted to emphasize the hustle aspect of both Dylan Moeller of New London and Phil Lorge of St. Francis Xavier. These two catchers really worked hard in their catching roles. I witnessed them picking up numerous bats, offering a kind word to an opponent for a good play, using caution while moving in and around the muddy areas near the backstop, and moving bats for opponents to make sure the area around the plate was safe.  Both the New London and Xavier school and community leadership should be proud of these young men, their coaches, and their parents for their excellent display of positive sportsmanship at an education based athletic event.  Best of luck to both teams this season and keep up the great work!

Reporting Official:  Brent Thompson


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