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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Basketball Equipment Clarifications

In an effort to help clear up some of the confusion and questions regarding legal equipment as it relates to high school basketball, the following information should provide quick reference.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

Legal if similar solid color to the torso color of the jersey. Shall not have frayed or ragged edges. No writing on the undershirt or the sleeves is permissible. A visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference is not permitted on the undershirt. A player may wear long sleeves while another player wears short sleeves, provided both meet the color requirements.

Full-Length Compression Tights

Compression shorts shall be a single solid color similar to the predominate color of the game shorts. The length shall be above the knee. Full-length tights that extend below the knee are not permissible unless a medical waiver is provided and approved by the WIAA office. That waiver must be presented to the official prior to the start of the game.

Calf, Knee, Thigh Compression Sleeves

There are no requirements on compression sleeves worn anywhere along the leg, provided they are not full-length compression tights. There are no color restrictions on such items.

Arm Compression Sleeves

Arm compression sleeves shall be white, black, beige or a single solid school color. It must be the same color for each team member that wears a sleeve. One visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference or school logo/mascot is permitted on the arm compression sleeve. The sleeve must be worn for medical reasons. 


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