Infectious Disease

WIAA Policy on Health-Related School Closings

[Passed at April 28, 2010 Annual Meeting of the Membership]

Article II - School Competition and Practice Requirements – p. 28

Section 6 – Classes Interrupted

A. In the event scheduled classes are interrupted or terminated due to infectious/communicable disease by the school district or by local/county/state health agencies, interscholastic athletic practice and competition will be postponed or cancelled. If school is closed through the weekend but scheduled to reopen on Monday, practice would be allowed on Sunday if approved by school administration.

  1. During the regular season, contests may be postponed and played at a later date in accordance with respective season regulations.
  2. During the WIAA tournament series, if a school is closed or will be closed on the day of a WIAA tournament contest, the WIAA contest will be rescheduled, when possible, to the earliest possible date provided the rescheduled contest will be completed prior to the next scheduled round of the WIAA tournament. (Football contests must meet season regulations, 6c.) If rescheduling is not possible, the team/individual most recently defeated in tournament competition will take that school/team’s place in the WIAA tournament game/meet/event.

Note: Schools participating in co-op programs which are not closed may continue to compete in the WIAA tournament series.

B. In the event scheduled classes are interrupted or terminated for reasons other than health, interscholastic athletic practice and competition may continue as determined by the administration, only if a duly authorized and qualified coach is in attendance, directly supervising and conducting the activity.

C. In the event scheduled classes are interrupted in A. or B. for an extended period of time:

  1. If practices have been terminated for a period of at least seven days, but less than 14 days, a school may not resume competition until after three separate days of practice.  
  2. If practices have been terminated for a period of 14 days or more, a school may not resume competition until after five separate days of practice.  
  3. The requirement of minimum practice days as described in 1) and 2) above shall apply for any interruption or termination of classes, including Christmas-New Year and spring vacations.  
  4. Days as used in this Section shall be interpreted as calendar days. Article III – School Equipment

Learn More with CDC Resources:

Influenza (Flu)

The CDC has published public gathering guidelines during an influenza outbreak.

Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are infections caused by a wide variety of common and unusual bacteria, fungi, and viruses during the course of receiving medical care. Learn more about healthcare-associated infections, and Wisconsin activities to prevent HAI infections, from the CDC.


MRSA in Sports Participation (PDF)

Minimize the Risk of MRSA:

  • Shower after all competition
  • Wash all work-out gear after practice or competition
  • Certain sports require cleaning equipment (mats) before each practice or event
  • Use liquid soap, not bar soap
  • Refrain from cosmetic (whole body) shaving
  • Don’t share towels or hygiene products
  • Notify parents and coach about any skin sores and have it evaluated by health care provider before returning to competition
  • Shower before using whirlpools or cold tubs
  • Refrain from using whirlpools or cold tubs with any open sores, scratches, or scrapes.

Learn more about MRSA from the Prevention of MRSA in Sports (CDC)

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