BK Rules Changes will Impact Season



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BK Rules Changes will Impact Season

Several New Rule Changes will impact 2014-15 Basketball Season


The increased attention to the ballhandler/dribbler “absolutes” is going to involved a bit of learning curve for all parties. It’s going to take some time but officials have been instructed to apply the rules as written from the opening tipoff.         

Ballhandler/Dribbler Contact: The following items constitute a foul (10-6-12):

1.   - A defender placing two hands on a ballhandler/dribbler.

2.   - A defender placing an arm bar (extended forearm) on the ballhandler/dribbler.

3.   - A defender placing and keeping a hand on the ballhandler/dribbler.

4.   - Defender contacting a ballhandler/dribbler more than once with the same or alternating hands.

In an effort to provide a bit more guidance, we have compiled a list of questions and provided appropriate answers or interpretations (where appropriate).

Q. Do the rules involving contact involve a post player with his/her back to the basket?

A. A post player with the ball is a ballhandler; regardless of where he/she is standing or what direction he/she is facing. The rules do not apply to a post player without the basketball, but obviously contact fouls should be called in those situations when illegal actions occur (displacement, holding, pushing, grabbing, knee in posterior, etc.).

Q. What’s the definition of an extended arm bar?

A. Any movement of an arm bar that’s not collapsed against the body is considered to be extended.

Q. Is there an amount of time involved as guidance when a defender has “kept” a hand on the ballhandler/dribbler that results in a foul?

A. No time interval has been written into the rule, but it should be expected that any attempt by the defender to keep the hand on the offensive player longer than a second would constitute a foul.

Q. If a defender touches a dribbler in the backcourt and then again in the frontcourt near the free-throw line eight seconds later, has a foul occurred?

A. If the official recognizes that the defender has contacted a dribbler for the second time, a foul could be called. Be advised, however, that there are times the ballhandler/dribbler will move into a new official’s coverage area and that officials will potentially have no knowledge of any earlier contact.

Q. Do the rules involving ballhandler/dribbler contact apply only in the frontcourt?

A. No, the rules apply across the entire floor (backcourt included).

Q. A1 receives a pass from A2. B1 “hot stoves” A1. A1 then moves off a screen and drives to the basket where B2 “hot stoves” A1. Is the action by B2 illegal?

A. No. Even though A1 has been contacted twice, the action occurred by two different players. Any additional contact by either B1 or B2 would be a foul.

Q. Can a defender get a legal touch when A1 holds the ball and then another legal touch when A1 dribbles?

A. No. Even though the status of the ball changed from being held to being dribbled, the offensive player remained a ballhandler/dribbler throughout that possession. A foul should be called.

NOTE: The rule is designed to help eliminate rough play and encourage freedom of movement in the game of basketball. Coaches and officials need to change the line of thinking that any foul on the perimeter is a “cheap” foul. Enforce the rules as written, the coaches and players will adjust.


All sleeves/tights need to be the same color this season and we've changed what is/isn't a sleeve (basically anything without a hinge). Those colors can be black, white, beige or the predominant color of the uniform and be the same for all teammates. 

Q. A team is wearing blue road uniforms. Several players have on blue undershirts (to match the jersey color), black tights that extend to the ankle and white headbands/wristbands. Is this legal?

A. Yes. Though each particular item is subject to color and uniformity requirements, it is not mandatory they all be the same color.

All coaches at the freshmen, JV and varsity level are now allowed to use the 14' coaching box. Middle school coaches are NOT allowed to use the coaching box.


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