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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Warm Ups Before Weigh Ins

Q:  Is it illegal to do a warm-up routine before weigh ins? For example, if a team ran a 30-minute warm up routine from 4:45 – 5:15 and weigh ins were at 5:30. I am 99% sure the answer is that this is totally legal as the intention is to warm up for competition not to lose weight for weigh ins. But just checking in to know for 100%. Reason I am looking into this is if we were to make team sectionals next Tuesday, with weigh ins at 5:00 pm and the first dual meet at 6:00 pm, I’d like to warm up my team before weigh ins. Which, assuming it’s legal, a follow up question would be: can it be done at sight of competition if competition is held away from home?

A:  There is no problem with a normal warm up routine prior to weigh in. Of course, any type of dehydration activity once in the weigh in facility would not be allowed. Be careful that what you are doing is not confused with weight loss which is not allowed.


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