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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lowering Singlet Straps

Q: The Wisconsin Adaptation for lowering singlet straps has brought the possibility of confrontation between opponents.  There is nothing in the adaptation as to when the straps may be lowered, is it at the conclusion of match, i.e. fall time, or is it after the end of match procedure, shaking of hands.  If the straps are lowered prior to the handshake, the wrestler is making a statement to his opponent, i.e. “I beat you”, “I’m the man”.  The action is authoritative and taunting.  As rules 5-30-2 and 6-5-2 and 7-4-2’s note, unsportsmanlike conduct need not be physical. 

Our comments: There is nothing in the Wisconsin adaptation that says when shoulder straps can be lowered. It is our interpretation that they can be lowered at any time as long as it is done in a sportsmanlike manner. We don't want to go back to the days we required them to keep them up at all times - to us that would be a step backwards. If an official feels that it is a problem then we would suggest that they address it in their pre meet talk. Inform them to keep them up until after the end of match procedure or it will be considered a form of taunting, and will be penalized with a USC. If they are pre-warned then they are fair game. If it presents an unexpected problem as the match unfolds, then address it with both coaches at that time and inform them how you will handle it the rest of the contest. 


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