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Youth Sports Resources


Youth Sports Resources

The links below are provided to provoke thoughts about the priority athletics should play in youth athletics compared to education-based athletics.

Aspen Institute - Project Play

How to Coach Kids

Overtraining and Overuse Injuries Cause Burnout in a Young Athlete - Hannah Trembley, Samford University 

Why Project Play Recommends Equal Playing Time for Kids - Jon Solomon, Aspen Institute

KId's Sports Leagues Have Become a $15 Billion Industry - Sean Gregory Time Magazine

9 Easy Steps to Destroy Your Child's Athletic Career - Andy Haley,

Are Parents Ruining Youth Sports - Michael Rosenwald, Washington Post

Odds Are, Your Sport Playin' Child Isn't Going Pro. Now What? - Kj Dell'Antonia, NY Times

Another Participation Survey - Harris Poll

WSJ - Guidelines for Young Athletes to Reduce Injuries Sumathi Reddy 

WBAY - Helicopter Parents on the Rise in Youth Sports

Probability of Competing Beyond High School Level (Scholarships & Professional Draft; Source:  NCAA)

Changing the Game in Youth Sports: John O'Sullivan at TEDxBend (YouTube video)

Cost of Kid's Youth Sports - William Hageman, Tribune Newspapers

Utah State Study on Cost of Sports - JoLynne Lyon, Utah State News

The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports -  Changing the Game Project

Is It Wise to Specialize - Changing the Game Project

How Parents Are Ruining Youth Sports - Jay Atkinson, Boston Glove

Dallas Morning News - Youth Sports Series Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4