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Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Volleyball

Wisconsin Dells @ McFarland
Oct. 18, 2018

My partner and I would like to take the time to congratulate both McFarland and Wisconsin Dells for their demonstration of positive sportsmanship. Athletic Director Paul Ackley was on site when we arrived and greeted us and reviewed the schedule of events for the evening. We observed Paul using a proactive approach by the way he talked with the spectators prior to the match in regards to remaining off the floor during live balls for their safety. Both teams’ coaches (Fortune and Janke) and their assistants focused on coaching their players during the match and all we heard were words of postive encouragement to their players. We also want to recognize the players from both teams that thanked us at the end of the night for officiating as we exited the gym. Both communities can take pride as well with the spectators focusing on cheering on the players when they did something well on the floor. It felt great to experience a positive extension of the classroom during tonight's volleyball match. 

Reporting Official:  Wayne Hammes

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

New Holstein @ Winneconne
Oct. 16, 2018

Both teams were very respectful during the game. Even with a very lopsided score, the boys kept it respectful and within their emotional control. Neither team became frustrated and continued to ask if either was OK if either went down. Both coaches continued to encourage their players despite the large discrepancy in the score. I was truly impressed by their behavior, and it helped the game run so smoothly and safely.  Thank you to both.  They both should be proud of themselves!

Reporting Official:  Mary McCutcheon

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Brookwood @ Royal
Oct. 12, 2018

Brookwood captain Bucky Dwyer is an excellent example of what the NFHS and the WIAA has in mind when defining what a captain should be. Not only did he play the game as it should be, he kept his teammates in the game when the elements of the game were not the best. He was also very easy to communicate with me and the my crewmates about fouls and other game parts. This young man is a truly class act who deserves this accolade.

Reporting Official: Gary Hanan

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Hayward/La Courte Oreilles
Oct. 12, 2018

This letter is to again acknowledge the outstanding sportsmanship displayed by Hayward and Bloomer. The freezing temperatures did not chill the excitement and the hard work the communities put forth into enjoying the game and teaching fine sportsmanship. On the two-plus hour ride home on Friday, the crew analyzed the game, the actions of the officiating crew, and the actions of the coaches and players. The officiating crew was impressed with the actions of the coaches, players and fans. The coaches were very organized, communicated positively and modeled the proper behavior that teaches what sports is about, which is having fun, being competitive, learning leadership, and solving problems. The coaches’ actions drained into the sportsmanship behavior of the players and the fans. When asked to provide an adjective to describe the actions of each head coach, the wing officials came up with the word class. It is the coach’s class that makes officiating enjoyable, knowing that we need to provide the same positive actions as officials. Well done coaches on teaching future generations on how to act in competitive sports and various personal and career situations! Congratulations Coach O’Brien and Coach Post for the fine job of coaching and the outstanding work you do in educating our youth on the importance of positive sportsmanship.  We wish both of your teams the best of success!

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

East Troy @ Jefferson & East Troy vs. Edgerton
Oct. 5, 2018 & Sept. 29, 2018

The head coach of East Troy, Jeff, was always respectful and if he had a question, he asked it, processed it and nodded his head and moved on. His focus was entirely on coaching his kids during two tightly contested events. The players istened to the referees and exhibited good sportsmanship throughout both games. Additionally, the Jefferson coach, staff and players were respectful, did not yell and talked with all officials with positive tones. We look forward to working these team's games again in the future.

Reporting Official:  Todd Peterson


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