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Sportsmanship Plus-Football

Prescott @ Rhinelander
Friday, Aug. 17, 2018

Our officiating crew would like to applaud the coaches, players and spectators of the Prescott Cardinals for their fine display of sportsmanship during their Week 1 football contest. We experienced a well-coached and discipline team. The coaching staff provided positive words of encouragement to their players and communicated with the officiating crew in a constructive manner. The players focused on playing hard, listened to officials, and kept their words and actions on the field positive. It was so encouraging not to hear inappropriate language that is becoming so commonplace. Also, the fans were spirited and kept their words helpful and encouraging. The sportsmanship displayed by the community is what high school sports is all about: learning, growing, and having fun.  Our linesman summed it up in one word “respect.” We congratulate Coach Haglund for establishing an environment of positive sportsmanship.  We were honored to officiate their game and wish them the best of success.

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Soccer

Mount Horeb @ Sauk Prairie
May 14, 2018

Prior to and during the soccer game, other activities were occurring including lacrosse practice, tennis practice, and track practice. There were well over 100 Sauk Prairie high school students, athletes, and coaches in the area in addition to the 100 or so soccer athletes, coaches, spectators, and officials. During the National Anthem, I looked around to see every person, not just those involved with the soccer game, standing in silence and facing the flag including the tennis, track, and lacrosse athletes as well as students walking by in the parking lot. It was an amazing display of respect, patriotism, and sportsmanship for the entire school. The parents and educators should be very proud of these students.

Reporting Official:  Jason Cram

Sportsmanship Plus - Softball

Spring Valley @ Glenwood City
May 18, 2018

I would like to recognize good sportsmanship by both teams, but after the game, Spring Valley really set the bar high for sportsmanship and a touch of class when they gave both of us umpires a thank you card, thanking us for giving our time and calling a good and fair game. I can't say enough. The card presented and signed by all players and Coaches Cipriano and Christopherson was much appreciated and a class act. You are representing your community well and really set the bar high for sportsmanship by using a thank you card.

Reporting Official:  Patrick Plumer

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Fond du Lac @ Kimberly
May 17, 2018

Just a note of gratitude for the fine sportsmanship that was displayed by the team members of your varsity baseball programs.  Both teams demonstrated positive sportsmanship throughout the entire contest. The acts of leadership Julian Murillo of Fond du Lac and John Nett of Kimberly displayed during the contest were noticed.  Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this contest.

Reporting Official:  Phil Punzel

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Fox Valley Lutheran @ Freedom
May 15, 2018

Isaac Gerhardt of FVL and both Noah Taege and Jack Williams of Freedom were the clear “example setters” for their teams during this contest.  Each of them showed lots of hustle, excellent sportsmanship while interacting with opponents, coaches and umpires, and they spent a little extra time helping me after numerous plays by retrieving a bat or a foul ball.  Both the communities of Freedom and Appleton should be proud to have student athletes who act in this manner.  We as umpires appreciate the positive atmosphere they create on the field.  Thank you to all involved and best of luck in the playoffs!

Reporting Official: Brett Thompson