Statement on Spring Sports Seasons

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Statement on Spring Sports Seasons

Friday, March 13, 2020

Statement on Spring Sports Seasons

In response to many questions we have received regarding spring sports, there are no changes to the WIAA Spring Sports Season at this time. 

The WIAA staff and Board of Control have not made any alterations to the spring sports season at this point.  We are monitoring what is happening from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the World Health Organization. The situation is very fluid, but if it is determined that suspension of any contests and practices are directed, we will notify our member schools with instructions and look to any adjustments to the Tournament Procedures to allow post-season to be played. 

Again, at this time, we have not altered the spring season, and we encourage each member school to make the best decision for their school and community regarding the regular season consistent with district policy and local public health guidelines.  

In addition, if schools provide an alternative form of education to reduce large gatherings, hence exposure, and the school is still allowing practice, the rule for interruption of classes would not apply.  This is a local policy decision. Furthermore, if schools delay the start of the season and first practice, they must comply with the required days before practice and contests (i.e. baseball requires seven practices before games and four practices before scrimmages).

Four varsity regular-season contests is the required number to be eligible for the Tournament Series.

In the event scheduled classes are interrupted for an extended period of time and practices have been terminated for a period of at least seven days–but less than 14 days–a school may not resume competition until after three separate days of practice. If practices have been terminated for a period of 14 days or more, a school may not resume competition until after five separate days of practice.

The requirement of minimum practice days shall apply for any interruption or termination of classes, including spring vacations, and “days” are interpreted as calendar days.


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