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Sportsmanship Plus - Wrestling

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Sportsmanship Plus - Wrestling

West Salem vs. De Pere
Jan. 28, 2023

The Panthers are extremely fortunate to have Josh Brewer as their coach, mentor and role model. He sets an example that all coaches in wrestling should follow. Wrestling is a very technical sport, featuring an unlimited amount of situations and holds. Shortly into their match with De Pere, I began listening to him coach. In every situation, Brewer would give his wrestlers the precise information that would lead to positive outcomes. In my 35 years of officiating, I have never seen a coach interpret every situation so quickly and completely. This is what led to this sportsmanship review. Because of his complete concentration on his wrestlers, Josh didn't waste time telling me how to do my job. Josh's focus was on helping his kids improve during 'live fire.' At the age of 66, I no longer have children that wrestle. I do however hope that my 1-year-old grandson will have the good fortune to have a coach like Josh Brewer in his future, helping to develop the important life skills that you take from interscholastic sports.

Reporting Official:  Scot Fure


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