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Sportsmanship PLUS - Girls Soccer

Friday, April 22, 2022

Sportsmanship PLUS - Girls Soccer

Wausau East @ Rhinelander
April 19, 2022

I have been officiating soccer for over 30 years and have experienced a lot of soccer matches, and I must say it was a pleasure to officiate this match. From the start at the captains’ and coaches’ meeting, to the final minutes of the game our officiating crew experienced a hard fought match that was refreshing to us. When a foul occurred we saw good sportsmanship take place from both teams as they would say "I'm sorry" and even helping them up as they were respectful to each other. Both coaching staffs were very positive as they gave instructions and encouragement to their team. At the end of the match both teams shook hands with each other and us they had a good spirit as they departed the match. This is what high school athletics is all about! Looking forward to more matches like this one!

Reporting Official:  Rob Weise


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