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Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Friday, October 13, 2023

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Oconto Falls @ Coleman
Sept. 22, 2023

This game was by far the best football game we have worked in years! Both teams play old school, smash mouth, run the ball football, something I really enjoy! Both teams are very physical and well coached. The kids obviously have connections and know each other and it was on display. Throughout the game, they were patting each other on the head for good play, helping each other up from the ground, etc. Too many examples to cite.  Both coaches (Coleman's Jeff Bronson and Oconto Falls Nicholas Bohl) were awesome. Coaching their kids up, showing respect for each other, their programs, and the game of football, while preaching life lessons of hard work, supporting and trusting their teammates, while celebrating success, but also using "failure" as a teaching moment...the true value of high school athletics. The greatest show of sportsmanship and leadership occurred when Oconto Falls had a significant injury to one of its players (dislocated ankle) and the coaches and trainers from both programs rushed to the field to aid the player. Upon knowing the significance of the injury calling the First Responders out, Athletic Director/ Head Coach Bronson was asked about driving the ambulance on the field, and his response showed his integrity, "Of course!” Thanks to both schools and programs for an excellent night of Friday Night Lights!

Reporting Official:  Steve Walsh


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