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Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Monday, August 28, 2023

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Hurley @ Ashland
Aug. 25, 2023

This letter is to acknowledge the outstanding sportsmanship exhibited by coaches, players, and fans. First, we wish to acknowledge the Ashland staff for their outstanding communication and hospitality. We were provided escorts, refreshments, and accommodations that allowed to us prepare for and review after the game. Coach Larson and Coach Erickson did an exceptional job motivating their team to play hard and showcase positive sportsmanship. Coaches used words of encouragement and kept words positive during adversity. It was noticed that coaches received a great deal of respect from their players. Players exhibited positive sportsmanship their coaches modeled. They listened to the officials, kept words constructive, and motivated their own team to excel; plus, the captains did a great job keeping their team focused and motivated. We would like to acknowledge the grounds keeper, announcer, clock operator, and chain crew. The maintenance team did an exceptional job with the field. This rivalry is spirited and the fans did a great job cheering for their own team. No derogatory remarks were heard.  We thank Ashland High School for their outstanding hospitality and congratulate both schools for their efforts in teaching and demonstrating positive sportsmanship.

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland


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