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Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Menomonie @ Holmen
Aug. 27, 2021

Due to weather concerns, the game was moved to earlier in the evening. School officials observed lightning when teams were warming up, and delayed for 30 minutes. The Holmen AD worked with both teams to allow for an additional warm up period of 10 minutes and shortened the halftime to 10 minutes in an effort to start and complete the game. This was great collaboration by both teams and should be commended for their cooperation. Game was completed and a lightning show started about five minutes after the game was completed. The delayed start time didn’t affect the enthusiasm and excitement of the players and coaches. The Menomonie team with 70+ players on the sidelines stayed beyond the restricted area yet at the same time exhibited constant encouragement and enthusiasm for their teammates on the field. Coach Sinz and assistants also showed respect for the game of football, rules and developing individuals for future roles in our society. Coach Kowalski and his sideline were very respectful and showed the same excitement for the game and nurturing young athletics.. We would also like to commend the ball boys, Bruce of Menomonie, and Adam of Holmen who were an integral asset in carrying out their mission of dry balls, timely exchange, keeping a steady flow to the game and also enthusiasm for the players on the field. This game set an example for parents, fans, and the WIAA that all involved should be proud. This event was rewarding and a pleasure to officiate.

Reporting Official:  Daniel Braund


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