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Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

Friday, September 22, 2023

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

Shawano @ Xavier
Sept. 20

This is a shout out to both teams, all the fans, and both coaching staffs.The level of play throughout, coupled with the respect the players showed to me, my assistants and their opponents was tremendous. It felt great to walk off the field at its conclusion and have conversations with Shawano’s captains #2 Warner Beyer & #9 Anderson Schmidt, Xavier’s defender #5 Paul Mastorides and head coaches Andrew Brooks (Shawano) & Modeste Rouamba (Xavier). I left the field feeling appreciated. Thanks fellas for your words of encouragement and the great contest that Iwas able to be part of. Good luck with the rest of your seasons and upcoming WIAA Tournament Series.

Reporting Official:  Al Sprague


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