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Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Friday, April 8, 2022

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Oak Creek @ Racine Horlick
April 5, 2022

Sportsmanship and Safety, go hand in hand. What your about to read, proves it, in a big way. On a bitter cold and windy afternoon Racine Horlick’s Tanner Isaacson hits a ground ball deep in hole between first and second. The Oak Creek second baseman cuts the ball off, headed for right field, and from his knees, throws to the first baseman Ryan Santi. The throw is somewhat up the first base line, and Santi stretches far up the line and keeps his foot on the base. He makes a great catch of the thrown ball in time to get Isaacson out. As this is happening, Isaacson has a full head of steam running to and beyond first base. To avoid a serious collision, Isaacson puts both his hands on Santi's back, but did not maliciously contact him. In fact, Isaacson side steps into foul territory, sort of, and that move avoided the possibility of potentially serious injury to himself and Ryan. The net result of the collision, was Santi being moved further down the first base line and Isaacson holding onto Santi to avoid further impact. The Horlick first base Coach, Drew Tague, along with Isaacson, immediately helped Santi to his feet. Everyone involved was apologetic and instantaneously checking with each other for any injuryl. Both head coaches, Scott Holler of Oak Creek and Tyler Funk of Racine Horlick,  deserve thanks for teaching their players the proper way to handle this situation. This was textbook!

Reporting Official:  Ronald Zielinski


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