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Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Sportsmanship Plus - Baseball

Sheboygan Lutheran @ Hilbert
April 27, 2023

Listed here are four young men who appreciate and share positive sportsmanship with others: Mason Senkbeil and Asa Diener of Sheboygan Lutheran, and Coltin Casper and Zander Kopp of Hilbert. Thank you for supporting players from the other team by picking up their bats, offering them a kind word, and showing hustle after foul balls when it isn’t asked of you. Your kind gestures were noticed by the umpires and were greatly appreciated. I was especially impressed with Asa and Coltin as catchers of their teams in the positive conversations they had with opponents (obviously knew each other) and with me, the plate umpire. Thank you for the life lessons and car buying advice! Sheboygan Lutheran and Hilbert school district administrators should be proud of their respectful student athletes. Keep up the great work and have a fun season.

Reporting Official:  Brent Thompson


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