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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

School Cancellation - One Pound Allowance

ATTN Wrestling Coaches and Athletic Directors

If schools are closed and practice is cancelled today due to weather/school board policy, the growth allowance language may be applied which gives a one pound allowance.   However, if schools are closed and practice IS HELD, the growth allowance language which gives a one pound allowance DOES NOT APPLY. 

Keep in mind that proper notice by the school requesting the one pound additional allowance must be made to the meet manager and each school.  Personal contact must be made and voice mail or emails are not acceptable.

NFHS Wrestling Rules (p. 18)

Rule 4-5-5:

ART.5 . . . When there are consecutive days of team competition, there shall be a 1-pound additional allowance granted each day for all wrestlers up to a maximum of two pounds. In order to be granted this 1-pound additional allowance, a minimum of 48 hours advance notice is required for the opponent(s). The acceptable person(s) to receive that notice shall be the head coach, principal or athletic director.  Competitions that are postponed for one calendar day or more, for reasons beyond the control of the participating school(s), or practices that cannot be held in these situations due to school policy shall be treated the same as competitions when there are consecutive days of competition in terms of the 1-pound allowance, with the exception of the required 48-hour notice.

Once again:  If school is cancelled by school policy, the school requesting a one pound must contact the head coach, athletic director, and/or principal personally. They are not to leave a message. There is a maximum of one pound.


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