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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NFHS Select ARENA Suits

NFHS May 7, 2013

During a routine request for compliance of various models of ARENA swimwear, ARENA became aware of a compliance issue on a sampling, but not all, of specific models. In order to eliminate potential problems, ARENA has taken action to replace suits of the models involved, even though only a portion of the products are impacted.

Suits to withdraw FINA Approval Code

POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro models:
AR220993 – woman full body open back
AR220994 – woman full body closed back
AR141364 – man jammer
The identified construction problem does not impact safety or the overall performance of the athlete to create a competitive advantage. Therefore, the NFHS has taken the position, due to the nature of the defect and not all suits being non-compliant, to allow the models listed above to be used in high school competition.

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