Important Softball Information for Athletic Directors and Softball Coaches

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Important Softball Information for Athletic Directors and Softball Coaches

The Board of Control took action on several spring sport recommendations last Friday, October 9. Please note the following items with regard to softball:

1.  For the 2016 season, the language requiring hitters to warm-up in the on-deck circle located behind the batter HAS BEEN REMOVED.  On-deck hitters will now warm-up in front of their team’s dugout.  This will be consistent with NFHS procedures.  Please discuss this with your grounds crew so that they are aware of this change.

2.  For the 2016 season, voting is eliminated for tournament groupings in all divisions, placing teams in sectional half-bracket groups only.  Please discuss this with your administration now, as this could result in longer travel to game sites during the first few rounds of tournament play.

3. The recommendation to change the Regional tournament schedule did not pass.  The structure will remain in it’s current format for the 2016 season with games scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please discuss this with your school administration and look at your school calendar.  Some schools anticipate a potential conflict with Graduation ceremonies on Memorial Day weekend.

4.  For the 2017 season, five divisions for the State Softball Tournament series has been approved.  The executive staff will develop a workable State Tournament time schedule to accommodate the five-division format.
The proposed divisions, based on this year’s enrollment:
Division 1 – 8 Sectionals – 112 teams – Enrollment 916 and above
Division 2 – 4 Sectionals – 79 teams – Enrollment 454 to 915
Division 3 – 4 Sectionals – 79 teams – Enrollment 277 to 453
Division 4 – 4 Sectionals – 80 teams – Enrollment 181 to 276
Division 5 – 4 Sectionals – 80 teams – Remainder of Enrollment

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